Үйдө коёндорду тамактандыруу: диетага эмнелерди киргизүү керек жана коёндорго эмнелерди бербөө керек

Үйдө коёндорду тамактандыруу: диетага эмнелерди киргизүү керек жана коёндорго эмнелерди бербөө керек

Breeding rabbits at home, many try to properly feed and care for them. They create all the conditions for the food to be good and of high quality. The variety of food for rabbits is huge. All the necessary healthy and fortified vegetables, fruits can be found in the garden or in the garden.

Various herbs that grow near the house are great for food for these domestic animals. In order to raise healthy and active pets, it is not necessary to make great efforts and huge financial costs. Therefore, breeding domestic rabbits is not difficult, but positive emotions will bring a lot.

How to properly feed rabbits?

If you start breeding rabbits, then you first need to ask specialists or those who have been raising these animals for a long time about the rules for rational feeding and optimal care. Indeed, due to ignorance of the intricacies of the nutrition of rabbits, one can expose them to the occurrence of dangerous diseases. Some fruits, vegetables and herbs must be excluded from the dietbecause their bodies can’t digest everything.

In order for the animal to grow rapidly, it needs all the vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Balanced nutrition will help pets develop properly and continue to be healthy and active. It is very important that rabbits always have clean water and it needs to be changed several times a day.

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What to feed rabbits?

Experienced farmers have long known that these animals eat plant foods in large quantities, so food should be variedso that they receive a sufficient amount of fiber, which would saturate and nourish the body.

From early spring to late autumn, the fields grow in abundance of herbs and cereals, which are great for the diet of pets. The most favorable plants: alfalfa, dandelion, plantain, sainfoin, burdock.

Nettle is one of the favorite delicacies of these animals, it appears in early spring and contains all the necessary nutrients. You need to give such a plant little by little, the grass should lie down for a while and then it tastes better.

Rabbits with great appetite eat rhubarb grown in the garden and grown sunflower. The presence of grass in the feeder should always be, but it is important that it is not wet. In winter, it can be replaced with hay, which is no worse than fresh herbs, and is very valuable in terms of useful properties.

Combined herbs are especially fond of eating these pets, so they need to be prepared in time in the summer to be enough for the whole winter. In addition to beneficial herbs, “eared” love the branches of shrubs and fruit trees.

In the garden in the summer and autumn, a lot of vegetables and herbs grow, which are useful to give to the animal, as well as fruits rich in fiber and vitamins.

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Коёндун тамагы

Feed can be divided into several types.

Coarse varieties of feed, these include dried hay, which is dominated by a large number of nutritional properties, vitamins and proteins. His should be harvested in the first months of summerwhen the grass is juicy and healthy. Branches of raspberry and currant bushes, oak, birch and apple trees can also be attributed to this species.

Juicy fruits and various greens occupy a leading place in the diet of these animals. Of particular note are the vegetables that rabbits prefer:

  • капуста;
  • сабиз;
  • кызылча;
  • Иерусалим артишоку;
  • apples. But all of them must be finely chopped and given in pieces.

Concentrated feed, which contains a large amount of proteins, carbohydrates and all useful substances and they are well absorbed. Among them it should be noted:

  • буудай;
  • жүгөрү;
  • союу;
  • кебек.

But they need to be given in small amounts, so that the rabbits do not have problems with metabolism.

Feeds with vitamins are particularly useful, and many rabbit breeders try to give animals the necessary norm. These include rose hips and sprouted grain.

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What can not feed the rabbits?

Eating certain foods that are harmful to rabbits can even lead to the death of the animal. Them stomach can’t digest certain foods and because of this, a failure can occur and problems begin. To prevent this from happening, you need to know what foods should not be given to these plush animals. Let’s list them:

  • бардык сүт азыктары;
  • sweets, fatty and spicy foods;
  • food that has already spoiled and become moldy;
  • эт;
  • бөлмө өсүмдүктөрү;
  • wet grass. Harmful and poisonous herbs;
  • mushrooms of any kind;
  • cookies, fresh bread, in general, any flour products.

Feeding little rabbits

Caring for small rabbits is not difficult, you just need to follow a few guidelines in order to raise good pets. First of all, babies should have clean and fresh water. And if they still do not know how to drink themselves, then you need to slowly accustom to this.

Up to 3 months of age rabbit can be given milk, but then you need to remove it from his diet. In the future, gradually accustom to hay, compound feed, vegetables and fruits. It is necessary to watch that the rabbit does not eat anything superfluous, because the stomach of these animals is very weak.

To grow healthy and well-fed “eared”, you do not need to make a lot of effort. It is only necessary to choose the right products that you have in your house or in the garden. Besides, you need to properly plan your diet, which will include vitamins and minerals.

Here are the main nuances in feeding rabbits at home. We hope that our article was useful for you and now you understand how to feed rabbits.

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