Декоративдүү чочколор: майда чочколордун түрлөрү, аларды багуу жана кантип тандоо керек

Декоративдүү чочколор: майда чочколордун түрлөрү, аларды багуу жана кантип тандоо керек

We’ve all heard, seen, and know about big, dirty, and, let’s be honest, smelly-smelling pigs. Well, where, except as a barn, you ask, will there be a place for these creatures? And it is quite natural that you would be right. And if they tell you that you can keep a piglet in, attention, your own apartment? Despite the absurdity of the situation, do not rush to skeptical conclusions. After all, further we will not talk about voracious representatives of the species, but about small cute decorative piglets.

The question of how to make a pet out of a large and untidy creature was the first to be asked by the Germans. Around the middle of the twentieth century, German breeders thought about how to reduce a pig to such a size that she could compete already traditional cohabitants of a person – a cat and a dog. Interestingly, in parallel with the German colleagues, Russian scientists were also engaged in this task. But, if the ultimate goal of the former was to make an object for entertainment, then the latter were looking for material for experiments. As a result, Germany gave us several kinds of beautiful little pigs.

What is an animal?

Mini pigs are a decorative pig that does not exceed 25–30 cm in length and weighs no more than 8–12 kg. Such a pig will fit perfectly not only in a country house, but even in a small cozy apartment in a high-rise building.

These little animals have a number of advantages in front of already common pets:

  • the piglet has the usual high level of intelligence for a pig. The awareness of the behavior of the latter is much higher than that of a dog or a cat, which will make it easy to teach a mini-pig to different commands. The main thing is to stock up on treats;
  • very high cleanliness is characteristic of these small lumps of happiness. The pig gets used to the tray without any problems and does not leave you with unpleasant “surprises” in the middle of the apartment. Moreover, they are almost completely odorless, which, unlike cats, dogs and other pets, is a big plus;
  • if you or your family members are allergic to wool, then the tiny pig is definitely for you. Unlike other animals, they do not have wool, except for short bristles, and therefore will not be allergens either for you or for others;
  • Pigs get along well with both children and other animals. By nature, the pig is a social being. It loves to be in a team and it is difficult to perceive life alone. Therefore, the piglet will gladly make friends with the cats you already have, and especially the dogs.

Кандай түрлөрү бар?

Today there are already many species of these small “pigs”. But there is no single standard for unifying the concept of mini-pigs yet. Therefore, both large pigs and very tiny ones are included here. Among the types it is worth highlighting the following:

  • the progenitor of the tiny pig is the famous Vietnamese pig. In fact, this breed gave rise to the search for ways to reduce pigs. Today this breed is quite popular in the United States of America. But rather large dimensions, and we are talking about a weight of 45 to 100 kg, make it not suitable for a city apartment;
  • the Göttingen mini-pig has a little less weight. This breed was bred in Germany and weighs an average of about 90 kg;
  • closer to what we need is the Wiesenau breed. With a weight of 25 kg, the dimensions of this piglet are already close to the usual large domestic dogs;
  • In Europe, the Bergshtresser Knirt pigs have won the greatest popularity. With a weight of 12 kg, such a pig will fit into the interior of any home;
  • the smallest pig was bred by Italian breeder Stafanio Morinni. Only 10 kg, this species deservedly takes its place in the Guinness Book of Records;
  • Our scientists also distinguished themselves in the process of pig selection. So, the employees of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, for 35 years of painstaking work, managed to bring out a new species, which is called “minisibs”.

Where to buy, how to choose, how much does it cost?

If you decide to get yourself a small pig, you need to consider that it is best to take a piglet in nurseries. Today, in many large cities, corresponding establishments have already been opened where you can buy a healthy, namely dwarf pig. Here you will not slip a sick or outbred creature. In addition, this method will allow you to choose a pig at your discretion, due to the large selection of individuals. But you can buy a pig from private pig breeders. However, you need to keep in mind that people put piglets of the same litter for sale, and this narrows down your choice significantly.

Please also note that when purchasing it is desirable to choose a playful and smooth-skinned pig, with blank eyes. A “sluggish” pig may turn out to be sick, but it is impossible to notice it right away.

It should be borne in mind that the price of a decorative pig can also fluctuate – from 20 to 1000 dollars.

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