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Австралиялык туман

Characteristics of Australian Mist

Келип чыккан өлкөсүАвстралия
Жүн түрүКыска чач
бийиктик30 см ге чейин
салмак3.5–7 кг
жашы12–16 жашта
Australian Mist Characteristics

Кыскача маалымат

  • The first cat breed bred in Australia;
  • Calm, affectionate and sociable;
  • Another name for the breed is the Australian Smoky Cat.


The Australian Mist (or, otherwise, the Australian Mist) is the first breed bred in Australia. Her selection in the 1970s was taken up by the breeder Truda Strijd. Burmese and Abyssinian cats, as well as their street relatives, participated in breeding . Painstaking work was carried out for ten years, and its result was kittens of a spotted smoky color. From their Burmese ancestors, they received the variability of color, from the Abyssinian – a special hair structure, and from outbred parents – a spotted pattern on the fur. The name of the breed was appropriate – spotted mist. However, ten years later, another color variation appeared – marbled. As a result, in 1998, it was decided to rename the breed, and then it received an abstract name – the Australian smoky mist.

Australian Mist cats have a balanced character. They are ideal for the role of pets in a large family. Pets do not require walking and lead a fairly measured lifestyle. This is not to say that they are lazy, they are just very calm. However, in childhood, Australian mist kittens are active and playful. And the love of entertainment remains with them forever.

Representatives of this breed very quickly become attached to the owner and are ready to accompany him from one room to another. They love attention and affection and are happy to share their love with all family members. But you can’t call them obsessive, Australian mysts are quite independent and moderately independent.


The Australian mist is sociable and sociable. Experts recommend starting such a cat for families with preschool children: pets will endure the antics of kids to the last and will never scratch them. On the contrary, playful animals will happily participate in cute pranks.

The Australian mist quickly finds a common language with other pets. He will not try to dominate and take the position of leader, on the contrary, he will rather compromise and give in. In extreme cases, the myst will simply ignore other pets. These cats are absolutely non-conflict.

Australian Mist Care

The Australian Mist has a short coat and is easy to care for. During periods when the cat sheds , it is enough to comb it out with a massage brush or simply wipe it with a damp hand. It is important to accustom your pet to this procedure from childhood, so that in the future he perceives it calmly.

In addition, it is necessary to trim the cat ‘s nails monthly and inspect the oral cavity for the presence of tartar.

Pets of this breed are prone to obesity if they are not properly fed . It is important to follow the recommendations of the breeder and veterinarian in order to maintain the health and cheerfulness of the pet.

Кармоонун шарттары

The Australian Mist does not need to walk outside. This is a pet that will feel quite comfortable in a city apartment. And in a private house outside the city, the Australian mist will be just happy!

Australian Mist – Video

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