Тооктор канча жашта жана качан жумурткалай баштайт – тоок жумурткасынын өзгөчөлүктөрү

Тооктор канча жашта жана качан жумурткалай баштайт – тоок жумурткасынын өзгөчөлүктөрү

Everyone who has had chickens at least once in his life remembers the feeling when his pets begin to lay eggs. This happens during the puberty of the chicken and is largely determined by the living conditions. That is why it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of when chickens begin to lay, the same for each species.

Chicken egg: formation process and composition

Everyone is used to seeing even, plain eggs in stores, most often having a white or brown color. But does this mean that only such a product is of high quality?

Жумуртка кантип пайда болот

Any egg begins to form from an egg – that is, a chicken yolk. Over time, he slowly covered with protein, various shells and ultimately the shell. If the pet is properly cared for, the egg is fully formed in a day.

Interestingly, when chickens begin to lay eggs, it is not necessary to have a rooster. It is necessary only in the situation when you want to get chickens from eggs.

The correct egg, what is it?

If a hen is laying for the first time, her eggs will not look like the ones we are used to seeing. They are most often quite small. They weigh about three times less than regular eggs. You can eat such a product, however, it is in no way suitable for subsequent incubation. When the hens start laying for the first time, eggs may contain blood. Usually the process is completely normalized after a year.

There are several signs that the egg that the hen laid is wrong:

  • The chicken egg has an unnatural shape. It can be elongated, with tubercles.
  • If you break an egg, you can find two yolks instead of one.
  • The product has two shells.
  • Inside there is a foreign body in the form of a blood clot.
  • Sometimes, with a lack of certain vitamins in the diet of a chicken, it can be carried completely without a shell. Most often it is a calcium deficiency.

Such problems most often occur in the first year. In the process of growth, chickens produce more eggs. It is important to start feeding the hen fully and give enough space.

When the chickens start laying

In the matter of maturation of pets, it is necessary to rely on several factors, such as breed, age, living conditions, nutrition and other features of the existence and development of the laying hen, which, one way or another, could affect her ability to lay.

Breed of chickens

It is this factor that is responsible for the age of the chicken, when it reaches puberty and, as a result, can begin to lay eggs.

Can be compiled list of puberty of chickens:

  • Combined breeds – by six months;
  • Small species – a little earlier than 6 months;
  • Egg breeds – at 5 and a half months (light) and after 6 months (autosex hybrids);
  • Meat types – after 8 months;
  • Fighting breeds of chickens can begin to rush only after 9 months.

Of course, everything is relative. Such indicators are reliable only when the hens are kept in good conditions, and they do not have any health problems. Such animals can start producing eggs immediately after puberty.

As with many rules, there is always room for an exception. So, sometimes a chicken can start laying much later. As a rule, this is due to the fact that puberty coincides with the cold season. If it is deep autumn or winter outside, the chickens feel a drop in temperature and a noticeable reduction in daylight hours. In these cases, they can start producing eggs closer to a year.

What else affects egg production

The richer and more varied pet dietthe sooner she can start laying eggs. This also affects the quantity of the product. As a rule, those chickens that are born in early spring or late winter are also more likely to give you eggs ahead of time. Puberty in this case falls on a warm summer period, which means the presence of the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Thus, when chickens begin to lay, it is important to create favorable conditions for them, then they will surely please you with a large number of products. It’s never too late to start taking care of your pets.

What can you start doing to increase productivity

Each farmer or owner of several chickens independently decides how to start improving the performance of eggs.

Бирок, бар general recommendations as to how to let the birds run more:

  • In the chicken coop, your birds should be as comfortable as possible. It is necessary to walk often, nests are best made cozy. In this case, the chickens will be pleased to start rushing, and they will not deprive you.
  • Wards are susceptible to light. If it is winter outside, it is best to provide the chicken coop with additional lighting. Lighting should continue for about 13 hours a day. You can start backlighting in the fall, because already at this time of the year the length of the day is significantly reduced.
  • It is not necessary to supply residents with exclusively dry food. It is necessary to start feeding them products containing useful substances, trace elements, vitamins. Additional minerals can be added.
  • If the molt proceeds rapidly, it will begin to rush faster. To do this, it is necessary to create conditions for premature molting. Do not feed your pet before losing hair, then the result will be achieved.

The egg has been a vital food for humans for a long time. Age of chickens is of great importance here. The task of a person is to create such conditions under which chickens could be laid for a long time and productively.

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