What to do if a dog ate a dead bird

What to do if a dog ate a dead bird

The question of what to do if a dog has eaten a dead bird is one that veterinarians hear more often than they think. What seems disgusting and sad to the owner – a dead bird lying on the sidewalk – looks and smells like an unexpected treat to the pet. And so, before the owner had time to figure out what was happening, the dog ate the dead animal. How dangerous is it?

The dog ate a dead bird: when to worry

What to do if a dog ate a dead bird While it’s no secret that dogs eat anything and have tinned stomachs, eating a dead animal can pose a risk to their health. The deceased may be carriers of bacteria, parasites or toxins that can cause serious harm to the dog.

The main risks associated with eating a dead bird are:

  • Բոտուլիզմ. Waterfowl, such as gulls and ducks, can contract a disease called botulism by eating infected fish, according to BeautyOfBirds. The dog, in turn, can become infected with botulism if it eats an infected bird.
  • Տոքսինների ազդեցությունը. If a bird has ingested poison, pesticides, environmental toxins, a poisoned animal or insect before death, active toxins may remain in its digestive system. If a dog eats such a bird, they will enter its body. The effect of these substances on it will depend on the amount of poison in the body of the bird, the type of toxin and the size of the dog.

What to do if a dog ate a bird

What to do if a dog ate a dead bird If the dog ate the bird, you need to try to remember how it looked: how long ago it died, whether it looked fresh and how much the pet managed to eat. Then you need to call the veterinarian and tell him what happened. He will give specific recommendations for the animal based on information about its age, size, etc.

If the dog has eaten the bird outside of the owner’s presence, it should be monitored for symptoms of poisoning. In particular, it is diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, dehydration, lethargy or weakness.

If you notice any of the symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian. He will tell you if you need to take the dog to the clinic or if you need to observe it for another day or two. The specialist will also tell you if you should stop feeding your dog regular food and switch to a medicated food that will help the dog’s digestive system. If within 24-48 hours the animal does not show any improvement, you should take him to the veterinarian.

Use of a dog for hunting

It is likely that the pet is trained not to eat game if it is taken with you on a hunt. In this case, he brings pheasants, geese or ducks to the owner, but do not forget to keep a close eye on him. While bacteria are more likely to enter the body during digestion, even just having a wild bird in a dog’s mouth poses a small risk. If the dog behaves strangely after hunting, it is necessary to take it to the veterinarian for examination.

While eating a dead bird rarely causes serious medical problems in dogs, it’s best not to risk your beloved pet’s health. If the dog has eaten a bird, it is worth watching it and, if necessary, contacting a veterinarian.

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