Running with a dog: losing weight together

Running with a dog: losing weight together

A faithful partner will always help you get back in shape faster. Sometimes a four-legged friend, like the owner, needs regular exercise. Then you can combine business with pleasure, for example, train together. How to help your dog lose weight and at the same time reach their own fitness goal – in this article.

Signs of being overweight in a dog

If your dog has become less active lately, this could be a sign of being overweight or lacking energy. Most likely, the pet has recovered if after a walk he has shortness of breath, and it seems to the owner that the collar or harness needs to be loosened. And if the obvious “waist” behind the ribs disappeared, then the four-legged friend definitely gained weight.

You should consult with your veterinarian to find out what is considered normal weight for a dog. In an attempt to figure out whether a pet needs to lose weight, you should not rely on the Internet or the advice of friends. There are genetic and concomitant reasons why a pet may become overweight, so no one better than an expert can determine how to approach a pet’s exercise or nutrition plan. 

As Wag! points out, in some pathologies, such as heart disease, physical activity is unacceptable, so you should carefully monitor your dog’s behavior and symptoms.

Even if the dog does not look fat or is still quite active, check with your veterinarian during a routine checkup to see if the dog’s weight is normal. 

The type and amount of food, as well as the frequency of feeding, should be discussed with the veterinarian. If the pet has a normal weight or is just starting to gain weight, it’s time to act. When a dog becomes overweight or already obese, some associated health problems may become irreversible.

Unfortunately, the Association for the Prevention of Obesity in Pets (APOP) found that in 2016, up to 54% of dogs were at risk of being overweight. In a dog, just a few extra pounds pose serious health risks such as kidney disease, joint problems, skin disease, and reduced life expectancy. But the good news is that a regular exercise regimen can help your furry friend live a longer and happier life. 

An extra kilogram of weight seems insignificant, but for small dog breeds, it can be equivalent to 10-odd kilograms in humans. It is better to think not about the weight of the dog in kilograms, but about the condition of her body. This is a more accurate way to determine if a pet is overweight, taking into account different types of breeds.

How can a dog lose weight and train with the owner

Joint training definitely increases the motivation of both the owner and the pet. The organization of joint training will stimulate them to plan in advance, because you will have to specifically select areas where you and your dog will be comfortable doing. According to the resource Shape, drawing up a workout plan helps to successfully integrate them into the routine and increases the likelihood of completing them. 

Over time, the dog will get used to the schedule and will push the owner when it’s time to burn a couple of calories.

The benefits of joint training

Men’s Health magazine and other fitness gurus tout the motivational benefits of paired workouts, but the partner doesn’t have to be human! Time spent with a dog will benefit far more than just your body. 

According to The Atlantic, dogs are such a good influence on humans that they often work as therapy and service animals, helping people with vision and hearing problems, limited mobility, or those in need of emotional support for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Regardless of whether the dog is a service dog or just a pet, he is his owner’s companion for life. An owner who strives to maintain a normal weight and eat right to increase energy levels and improve health becomes an excellent motivator himself.

Running with a dog: losing weight together

Running and exercising are great ways to spend time with your dog. If you add games to them, you can actively burn calories together. There is another benefit to increasing game time: reduced stress levels. Stress causes the release of cortisol, a hormone whose elevated levels contribute to the deposition of fat in the abdominal cavity, notes the Prevention resource. Reducing stress can help prevent weight gain – it’s easier than fighting it later.

Whether you add another daily walk, build an obstacle course in your backyard, or simply find a local dog play group, either way, increasing the amount of time you play together will result in better overall health for both owner and dog friend.

More new sensations

Swimming, yoga, and running are great ways to burn calories and build muscle. But it seems interesting to try them together with a pet. This type of training with a dog is gaining popularity, such as “dogs” – or yoga with a dog.

As for treats, you should discuss with your veterinarian what and how much you can give your dog so as not to harm. Perhaps the doctor will suggest some healthy treats for the dog. 

Both owner and pet should increase water intake and avoid dehydration, especially in warm weather. If stress or boredom makes you reach for a snack, it’s best to give your dog a chew toy before heading to the fridge. After playing with your pet for an hour, you need to see if the desire to eat something remains. 

How to make a dog run? This may not be easy at first. About the same as putting into practice the decision to lose weight and change your eating habits for the better. It will also be difficult for the dog, but she will gladly become a partner in the struggle for a healthy lifestyle. Together it will be more fun to walk, train and achieve better results!

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