Maine Coon խնամք

  Maine Coon խնամք

Be polite and persuasive

Raising a Maine Coon does not require any significant effort. It all comes down to explaining to the cat the simple rules of living in the house: what is allowed and what is strictly forbidden. Once you have pointed out a mistake to the Maine Coon, you will no longer have to repeat yourself: these cats are very intelligent, perfectly trainable. The main thing is to remain calm and in no case show aggression, even verbal: representatives of this breed are very sensitive to human intonations. Maine Coons are able to understand the owner even by their look and gestures, so you can reproach for something without words. By the way, in “family relations” Maine Coons are more like people than other cats: males take an active part in raising offspring, and therefore there is no need to isolate them in the first days after the birth of kittens.

Important and majestic in appearance, Maine Coon cats are logical and consistent in all their actions. They are quick-witted and have an amazing memory, so they are easily trained in various commands.

Engage and captivate


The ability to contemplate in Maine Coons is wonderfully combined with the playfulness that they retain, even as adults and serious cats. In active games, they are happy to show their hunting instinct, so they need “prey” that could be waiting in ambush, and a lot of free space for maneuvers.


For a healthy and harmonious development of the muscular body, Maine Coons need physical activity. With these athletic animals, it is not only possible, but also necessary to walk in the fresh air. On a walk, they wear harnesses and leashes with dignity and behave like diligent schoolboys, not trying to run away from the owner or climb a tree.


Provide personal space

The Maine Coon, whose size is impressive and, it would seem, does not correspond to the conditions of keeping in a city apartment, in fact, easily adapts to the limited territory of any housing. However, in order to feel comfortable, cats of this breed need personal space – a spacious house with stairs or a lounger that will be on a raised platform, which will allow you to watch what is happening in the room.

Bring beauty

Maine Coon care does not involve anything super complicated: standard grooming, perhaps with some features. For example, you need to comb out such a cat every day for 10-15 minutes, in order to avoid the formation of tangles. To do this, use a metal brush with rounded teeth, paying special attention to the tail – comb it gently, without too much zeal.

But washing, which is included in the mandatory care of a Maine Coon cat, is a pleasure: they are not afraid of water and are calm about shampoos, so regular water procedures will not become stressful either for the animal or for the owner. Once a week, a “manicure” should be arranged: the claws of these cats grow quickly, and the pet does not always have time to grind them down. Use a special nail cutter փորագրիչso as not to damage the part with the blood vessel. Combine the procedure with examining the ears and, if necessary, cleaning the visible part of the auricle: with a dry soft cloth or a cotton pad moistened with boiled water.

You also need to wipe your eyes at about the same frequency or a little more often: discharge accumulates in the corners – this is normal if they are not very plentiful. Using a damp cotton pad, wipe the eye from the outer edge to the inner.

Maine Coon cat care should include hygiene of the teeth and gums of animals, especially those that eat soft foods. Dry food helps to remove tartar and cleanse the gums, while natural food and canned food do not give such an effect. In any case, you need to brush your teeth with a special brush and paste, which are sold in pet stores. Check your pet’s mouth to detect emerging problems in time. So, healthy gums should be pinkish, without bright rims along the teeth line, but an unpleasant smell from the mouth may indicate the onset of the disease and the need to show the Maine Coon to the veterinarian.

The natural adaptability and complaisant nature of Maine Coons make them wonderful pets that can make the whole family fall in love with them. At home, Maine cats behave exceptionally politely, respect someone else’s personal space and expect the same from their owners. And also – a little care and careful unobtrusive care.

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