Kittens need proper nutrition right from the start.

Kittens need proper nutrition right from the start.

Our children need special nutrition to grow up healthy and strong. Likewise, kittens need a special diet for proper growth and development. The cat’s diet should consist of several main groups of nutrients: proteins, minerals and vitamins, taurine and water. The main difference between kitten and adult cat diets is that the former contains more of these nutrients. This is necessary for the health and proper development of the kitten.

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When you get a kitten, it is a big responsibility, because. cats live 20 years or more. To be a good “parent” to your new furry baby, you must be well aware of his needs.

To get the best start in life, your kitten should be fed a special kitten diet during their first year of life. Hill’s diets are based on the latest scientific advances. They provide your kitten with everything he needs to grow and develop, whether you choose dry or wet food.

It is best to discuss your kitten’s diet with your veterinarian. You can also get valuable advice online on our website, which also contains a lot of information about caring for babies.. Then you will be fully prepared for the appearance of a small fluffy lump in your house.

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