Is it possible for cats to pumpkin and is it good for pets

Is it possible for cats to pumpkin and is it good for pets

Curious cats want to try everything! If your beloved furry friend is interested in pumpkin muesli, which the owner adds to his yogurt in the morning, or seasonal pastries, do not worry. Pumpkin is safe for cats. But there are a few things to keep in mind to feed this popular vegetable safely to your pet.

Is it possible for cats to pumpkin and is it good for petsCan cats have pumpkin

Sweet slices of pumpkin pie, pumpkin latte, or spiced pumpkin bars are delicious for humans, but they are of little use to a cat. The body of pets is able to digest pumpkin, but excess sugar, fats and spices contained in pumpkin desserts and drinks are harmful to them.

Մասնագետներ pet poisoning hotline explain that if a beloved four-legged friend reaches for a jar of ground cinnamon or licks some essential oil or cinnamon extract from a bottle, they may develop any of the following symptoms:

  • փսխում;
  • փորլուծություն;
  • արյան շաքարի իջեցում;
  • irritation in the mouth and lungs;
  • սրտի կամ լյարդի հետ կապված խնդիրներ.

The same can be said about nutmeg, ginger, cloves and allspice. These spices are best kept away from the cat.

Can cats eat pumpkin? Yes. An ordinary boiled pumpkin will be a safe treat for pets. It can be purchased canned or baked in the oven.

If the owner prefers canned food, it’s important to make sure there are no spices in the jar. You should choose canned pumpkin without additives, which is usually harvested in its own juice.

Is it possible for cats to pumpkin and is it good for petsԱռողջության համար օգուտ

Vegetables are good for both humans and cats. According to Urgent Care and Animal Care Center of Minnesota, pumpkin contains a lot of fiber, water, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, as well as a large amount of minerals and vitamins, including A, C and K. In addition, this orange vegetable has a low calorie content.

The fiber contained in pumpkin can not only reduce excess moisture in the cat’s digestive tract, but also increase the volume of stools, relieving her of diarrhea. The moisture in this vegetable also helps in case of constipation. However, it is important not to forget about moderation and portion control, since excessive consumption of pumpkin can lead to liquefaction of the stool.

Is it possible for cats to pumpkin and is it good for petsՀավասարակշռված դիետա

If your cat loves this colorful vegetable, remember to offer it as a treat, not as a main course. You can freeze pumpkin pulp in small ice cube trays to treat your cat with a cool snack periodically. Then it is important to carefully monitor the pet.

If cats have gastrointestinal problems for example, flatulence, rumbling in the stomach or difficult bowel movements, it is better to refuse pumpkin. On the other hand, if the pumpkin normalizes the frequency of the cat’s stool, you can introduce this vegetable into a permanent diet.

Even if a cat is constantly begging for treats, she cannot eat only them! She needs a properly balanced diet that provides quality cat food.

Everyone loves to spoil their furry friends, but don’t share sweet or spicy pumpkin treats with them. Instead, try a fun combination of toys and cat treats, like a ball filled with crunchy bits that fall out when your cat plays with it.

If your pet is crazy about pumpkin, make it a special Friday night treat. A can of plain canned pumpkin is a wonderful treat to share with your cat and a great excuse to make a pumpkin smoothie for yourself.

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