DIY կատվի խաղալիքներ

DIY կատվի խաղալիքներ

If you have children and a pet, you already know that four-legged friends love children’s toys. But did you know that grown-up kid’s toys can be easily turned into great fun for a cat?

You probably have a lot of material at home from which you can make trinkets for a cat with your own hands. This is just a goldmine for creativity! To get started, look at all the available toys with a fresh look. What can entertain your pet without injuring her? Start with stuffed animals. Your cat has probably already shown interest in them. Cut off potentially dangerous parts from such a toy, such as a long mustache and plastic eyes. Ready!

According to cat grooming portal Vetstreet, it’s important to keep safety in mind when converting children’s toys into cat toys: “It’s best not to let your cat play with plush toys filled with stuff like polystyrene balls, nutshells, or beans.” Don’t forget to take the batteries out of the toys. Ribbons, threads, yarn and feathers are also not safe: if a cat swallows any of this, it will become ill.

In addition, cats should not play with wooden toys, especially painted ones. These animals taste everything, so they can swallow pieces of wood or particles of paint, which will cause them health problems.

Cats like everything round, so allow your pet to play with any sports balls without any worries. But be careful with small balls: before playing, make sure that the animal will not be able to swallow such a ball. Playhouses-tents are also suitable for a cat. There you can sleep or hide if she needs it.

So what toy to make – and how? Here are some ideas for homemade cat toys.

Tuning scratching posts

DIY կատվի խաղալիքներ

Breathe new life into an old, tattered scratching post with interactive toys on the highchair. They are designed to keep the baby busy and develop motor skills. But cats can also entertain and develop such toys. Attach the toy so that its base is flush with the side of the scratching post, and then secure it tightly with twine and cut the ends of the rope (otherwise the cat will chew them).

Cat teasers from fast food restaurants

DIY կատվի խաղալիքներ

Chances are, you have a lot of little stuffed animals in your home from all sorts of fast food restaurants. Use them to entertain your furry friend. Use strong twine to tie the toy to a wooden base and you will enjoy hours of playing with your cat! In addition, stuffed toys are a great replacement for store-bought teasers. Such toys are tied with thread, so keep an eye on the cat during the game, and then put the teaser in a place where the pet can’t reach it.

Cat puzzle box

DIY կատվի խաղալիքներ

Some children’s toys assume that during the game the baby will correctly position any elements. From them you can make puzzle boxes for cats. To implement this idea, you will need a designer with only large details (since a cat can swallow small elements). Such a toy is probably lying around somewhere in the far corners of your house. In addition to the designer, you need a shoe box made of hard cardboard and a clerical knife. Cut holes in the lid and sides of the box. They should be of such a size that the cat can see the multi-colored elements and freely stick its paw inside. The lid should be easy to open so that you can change the contents of the box (keep in mind the size of the parts and the safety of the materials they are made from). For more fun, you can add catnip inside.

Converting children’s toys into cat toys is a great way to get rid of some old stuff, save money and give toys nine more lives.

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