Cat activity and safety outdoors in summer

Cat activity and safety outdoors in summer

Domestic cats also like to explore the world outside the window. Take your pet for a walk in the summer and enjoy the sun together. Just remember that cats really appreciate their freedom on the street, and even a high fence cannot stop them! Let her walk in a closed area in the yard or teach her to walk on a leash. Whether your cat lives outside or you only let him out occasionally, follow our safety tips.

Cat activity and safety outdoors in summer

  • Provide plenty of cool water for your cat and make sure she has somewhere to nap and cool off.
  • Check her paws, as tar from hot asphalt can get stuck between the pads.
  • Remove plants that are poisonous to animals from your yard.
  • Get vaccinated on time. The animal world is extremely active in summer, and bites are a great danger to a pet. If bitten, contact your veterinarian immediately.
  • Buy your cat a collar with a tag and include your phone number in case she wanders far from home.

Even if you don’t let your cat outside, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this wonderful time of the year at home.

  • Make a cat garden. Grow cat grass or catnip in a pot, or set up a makeshift loggia garden. Your pet will pounce on dry catnip, and also crunch fresh grass with pleasure.
  • You can keep your cat entertained for hours by hanging a feeder outside the window while she sleeps. The cat will enjoy birdwatching, and you will love it. If she’s thrilled with what she sees, try playing a game of “find a treat” with Science Plan to burn some calories.

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