Can cats have chocolate and what are the consequences for pets?

Can cats have chocolate and what are the consequences for pets?

While stories of dogs getting sick from chocolate are much more common, it’s important to know that chocolate can also be a serious and sometimes deadly hazard for a cat.

Why can’t cats have chocolate?

While sugar, fat, and xylitol (a sugar substitute) won’t benefit your cat, chocolate contains two other ingredients that pose a health risk. These are caffeine and theobromine, a plant alkaloid found in cocoa beans. Theobromine has been proven to be toxic to most animals, including cats.

The Latin name for the chocolate tree, Theobroma cacao, translates to “food of the gods”. Roasted cocoa beans do make a delicious treat, but it’s what draws people to chocolate that makes it so dangerous for pets.

Why are these ingredients so dangerous to animals?

Can cats have chocolate and what are the consequences for pets?

Chocolate and theobromine are stimulants or stimulants. Caffeine, found in many foods and drinks other than chocolate, becomes toxic when ingested by a cat, leading to vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, anxiety, and rapid heart rate. Theobromine, when taken orally, causes similar symptoms.

How much chocolate is too much

For a fluffy beauty, any amount of chocolate is too much, cats should not have chocolate. All forms of sweet treats will be dangerous to your furry friend, including dry cocoa powder and baking chocolate, which is the most toxic due to its high levels of theobromine. Dark, semi-sweet and milk chocolate, and even white chocolate with its low percentage of cocoa, are also banned.

The level of toxicity depends on how much chocolate the cat has eaten and what kind of chocolate it was. Petful notes that one small piece of dark chocolate can cause the same harm to a 5-kilogram cat as twenty-three chocolates to a person. Is chocolate bad for cats? Yes, even in small quantities. She can get sick even if she eats just a little bit.

What happens if a cat eats some chocolate

In addition to the side effects mentioned above, the cat should be monitored closely to ensure that the following symptoms are not present:

  • Գուշակություն:
  • Փորլուծություն.
  • Ներխուժում:
  • Increase in heart rate.
  • Ավելորդ ծարավ:
  • Ավելորդ միզարձակում.
  • Հիպերակտիվություն:
  • Անհանգստության.
  • Մարմնի ջերմաստիճանի բարձրացում:
  • Rapid breathing or shortness of breath.
  • Muscle tremor or twitching.
  • Bloodածր արյան ճնշում:
  • Ցնցումներ.
  • Կոմա

As with any medical emergency, the cat must be taken to a veterinarian or animal emergency room immediately. The doctor will determine the degree of poisoning and carry out the necessary treatment. After the procedures, the cat should be observed for any other side effects to ensure that the chocolate is completely eliminated from the body.

What will happen to the cat

Cats are very sensitive to the emotions of their owners. In addition to controlling emotions, it is better for the owner to keep the pet in a cool, calm and quiet place so that the symptoms of chocolate poisoning do not increase.

Upon admission to the clinic, the doctor will take tests from the cat and prescribe the necessary therapy. The need for further testing and the choice of treatment will depend on the health and weight of the animal, as well as the type and amount of chocolate eaten. The veterinarian may even induce the cat to vomit to keep the toxins from taking effect in her digestive system.

How to prevent poisoning

Cat poisoning with chocolate is very easy to prevent: it is necessary to keep chocolate away from it. Cats are curious and unpredictable creatures that love to prowl around corners, including the kitchen. Store all chocolate in tightly sealed containers. Not only chocolate can cause a reaction, but also foods that contain it, including cakes, donuts, cookies, sweets, etc. If a party or holiday is coming up, it is better to place plates with sweets in places that are hard for the cat to reach and remove them immediately after the holiday. If a guest asks: “Can cats have chocolate?”, You need to answer decisively: “No!”.

Owners love to reward their furry friends with treats, and now you can do it without risking your pet’s health. The main thing is to choose the safest treats created specifically to keep your cat healthy and happy. And at the same time, all the chocolate will go to the owner!

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