Mikor érdemes a kötésre gondolni?
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Mikor érdemes a kötésre gondolni?

Mikor érdemes a kötésre gondolni?

The process of preparing a dog for mating is influenced not only by the age of the animal, but also by gender and even breed. It is believed that mating of small dogs may occur a little earlier than large ones, since the latter develop somewhat more slowly.

The first signs of puberty in a dog

The bitch becomes sexually mature from the moment of the first estrus, that is, approximately at the age of 6 to 12 months, depending on the breed. This process is accompanied by physiological changes: the dog’s growth zones are closed – it stops growing.

Males can reach sexual maturity at 5 to 9 months of age. The end of the process will help determine the veterinarian.

Az első párosítás időpontja

The first mating in females should occur at 1,5–2 years. At this point, the dog’s body is fully formed, it is ready for the birth of puppies. Small dogs are formed earlier – in the second heat, and large – in the third.

Males should also not be knitted too early. The optimal age is considered to be from 1 year for dogs of small breeds, from 15 months for medium breeds, from 18 months for large breeds.

Frequency of estrus

Estrus occurs in dogs about 2 times a year, with a frequency of 6 months. Its duration is from 18 to 28 days, depending on the characteristics of the dog. It is worth noting that some dogs may have estrus once a year, and this is not a pathology.

From the very first heat of the bitch, it is recommended to have a calendar in which it is necessary to mark the start and end dates of the process, as well as the behavior of the dog. This chart will help determine the moment of ovulation when the dog is ready to mate.

A veterinarian should be consulted if estrus lasts more than 30 days, and the period between estrus is less than 4 and more than 9 months. This may indicate a hormonal imbalance in the dog’s body.

Auspicious day for knitting

The biggest mistake that dog breeders make is mating on the first day of a bitch’s estrus. Most often, mating is arranged from days 9 to 15, however, to know for sure when your dog is ovulating, contact your veterinarian. Based on the results of vaginal smears, ovarian ultrasound and blood tests to determine the level of the hormone progesterone, a veterinarian-reproductologist will determine the time of ovulation and the optimal time of mating.

Mating, although a natural process, requires the owner to be attentive and sensitive to the dog. It is impossible to start mating at too early an age, and also to carry it out forcibly when the bitch is not ready for this. A sensitive attitude towards the pet and care for it will help to get healthy and beautiful puppies.

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