Mi a teendő, ha egy kutya harap?
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Mi a teendő, ha egy kutya harap?

Mi a teendő, ha egy kutya harap?

Tooth test

Often puppies, playing, bite each other and family members. They cannot yet control the force of the bite and are capable of causing serious pain with their milk teeth.

Host reaction

  • The dog must understand by the behavior of the owner that she hurt him. So don’t hold back your emotional response;
  • It should be made clear that such behavior is unacceptable. Tap the dog’s nose with your fingers. The puppy won’t like it. This punishment will help form the correct reaction on the part of the animal: you can’t bite.

Game moment

Even adult dogs can sometimes get carried away and bite the hand or foot of the owner and not only him.

Host reaction

  • Try to avoid situations of excessive excitation of the dog. Active games should be ended as soon as the animal has behaved inappropriately.

Aggression caused by poor health of the animal

During an illness or if the dog is worried about something, it may show impatience towards the owner. For example, a dog may not allow an injured paw to be examined.

Host reaction

  • In this case, it is necessary to put a muzzle on the dog, as it does not control its behavior.

Megelőző intézkedések

  • Training and constant contact with the animal. Raising a dog requires effort, time and patience, but the result is worth it;

  • It is common for dogs (and not only them) to try to seize leadership in the pack. The task of the owner is to prevent the overthrow of power. Remember: you are the absolute authority for your pet. Reinforce this position – this is a guarantee that the animal will not show aggression;

  • Do not allow the occurrence of designated situations in which the dog may show aggression towards you.

Tudnia kell

There are breeds of dogs that are characterized by manifestations of aggression. These include, for example, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls. When starting such a dog, it is important to understand that it needs a very serious attitude and upbringing. The ideal option is to hire a professional cynologist to train her.

There are also complex breeds that cannot be trained and at the same time have a pronounced independent thinking. These include, for example, chow-chow. Dogs of this breed can show aggression based on their own value judgments about the situation and not focusing on the owner’s commands.

Mit kell keresni

The first rule of the owner: training is above all. A dog needs to devote a lot of time and engage in its upbringing. Western cynologists recommend doing simple tests to determine if you are managing your pet well enough.

Call the dog, show her a full bowl of food. The dog should calmly respond to the fact that you get your hands into his plate. If the dog shows aggression, most likely, you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

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