Mi a neve egy kis fajta kutyának?
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Mi a neve egy kis fajta kutyának?

As a rule, breeders give a puppy already with a name, and the owners do not always like it. But do not be upset, because there is nothing wrong with coming up with and giving a pet a new nickname, leaving the official one only for exhibitions.

In search of inspiration, do not forget: the name should be sonorous and short – only two or three syllables. Where to start choosing?

The nature of the pet

Spitz, Yorkshire Terriers and Jack Russell Terriers are real batteries with indomitable energy. But Italian Greyhounds, Pekingese and Lhasa Apso, as a rule, are very calm and phlegmatic. You can emphasize these qualities or connect a healthy irony. No one will forbid you to call a slightly lazy French bulldog Quickie, and a tiny chihuahua – Giant, as in the popular comedy.

A fajta története

Today, the choice of dogs of small breeds is truly diverse. Try to refer to the history of your pet’s breed. Perhaps she will help to better understand his behavior and habits, thus facilitating the process of finding a suitable nickname.

For example, Maltese and Pomeranians are real aristocrats who have always decorated the homes of wealthy families. The appropriate nicknames are suitable for them – Archibald, Heinrich, Jacqueline.

But the Yorkshire Terrier owes its origin to the English peasants, who were forbidden to have large dogs. Resourceful breeders have bred a compact dog to guard and protect the house from rodents. In this case, the pet can be given a simple nickname (for example, John, Oscar, Sandra or Nancy).

Származási ország

Sometimes you can choose an interesting option, starting from the country of origin of the breed. For example, if you own a Japanese Chin, look out for names from the Land of the Rising Sun. An unusual nickname Zhina, which means “silver” in Japanese, or Toshiko (“smart child”) will emphasize the dignity of your pet.

Pet color

You can associate the pet’s name with the color of its coat, especially if this is rare. This way you emphasize the uniqueness of your dog. To avoid common and obvious options, try to come up with color associations. For example, peach, sun, or freckles can be associated with red hair. Look up these words in different languages ​​or come up with your own association with them. This activity can be turned into a fun game for the whole family.

After choosing several nicknames, try them on your pet, look at his reaction. It is believed that the name affects the temperament of the animal. Therefore, it is so important that you not only like it, but also suit the character of your pet.

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