Mit kell tudni ahhoz, hogy kutyatenyésztő legyél?
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Mit kell tudni ahhoz, hogy kutyatenyésztő legyél?

But, dreaming of fabulous incomes, beginners most often do not think about the pitfalls of pedigree breeding. So what does a beginner need to know and do to carry the proud title of “dog breeder”?


There is a very good expression that breeders “are only temporary guardians of the breed.” The most important thing in breeding, which in no case should be forgotten, is not to worsen, but to improve the breeding material with which the breeder works. That is, children should be better than their parents. But even the most beautiful dog is a difficult test if it has health and mental problems. Therefore, initially, those who want to breed should carefully study the parents of the future breeding female: whether they have been tested for various diseases, whether tests have been made on the puppy itself.

Mit kell tudni ahhoz, hogy kutyatenyésztő legyél?

For subsequent breeding work, it is necessary to choose a dog that is absolutely healthy and comes from healthy parents, and also has an excellent psyche and is a typical representative of the breed. Your future breeding female does not have to be the daughter of world champions, but her pedigree must contain truly outstanding dogs that have proven themselves to be excellent producers. So, before buying a dog, you should study the breed well, analyze which dogs left the most noticeable mark on it, and have at least minimal knowledge of genetics.

To do this, you should undergo special training or seek advice from someone who can help with the selection of a manufacturer. And, of course, your puppy must have all the required documents (puppy card, which is exchanged for a pedigree, veterinary passport), as well as a brand or chip.

Cultivation and exhibitions

It is not enough to successfully buy a puppy, it still needs to be correct vonat and visit with the dog kiállításokto access breeding. So, in order to breed within the framework of the Russian Cynological Federation, which unites most of the breed clubs in the country, your dog must receive a rating of at least “very good” at the exhibition. But it is much better if the dog has higher titles that can be indicated when advertising puppies.


Kiválasztás férfiak – it’s not an easy task. Not only does it have to be an excellent representative of the breed, completely healthy, with a good psyche, a memorable appearance. It should also match your dog’s pedigree and produce beautiful, healthy puppies. It is very important that the dogs do not have close relatives of common ancestors that had defects or serious defects, as you can fix them in future puppies.

The money issue is also important. Promoted and popular manufacturers are more expensive than young and not having time to declare themselves. But not always puppies from a popular breeder will be guaranteed to be better than puppies from a young, but suitable for your bitch, male.

Childbirth, puppies, expenses

Hooray! Managed to tie, and the dog is pregnant. But the upcoming szülés, especially in the primogeniture, may not be as easy as they should be. A dog may need expensive surgery and even resuscitation, just like her puppies. Sometimes both mothers and newborns die in childbirth. This should be taken into account when trying to get offspring from your pet.

Mit kell tudni ahhoz, hogy kutyatenyésztő legyél?

It is worth including in the estimate the costs of kölykök nevelése, & lt; / RTI & gt; védőoltások, advertisement of the litter, payment párosodás male. And also take into account that puppies do not always fly like “hot cakes”, sometimes the last dog from the litter can linger in the breeder’s house so much that he becomes an adult and he will not be able to part with her. What if there will be two or three such dogs? Perhaps the puppies will simply “eat up” the supposed profit. It is possible that a sick puppy or with genetic defects will be born, which cannot be attached. You need to think about all this in advance so as not to regret your decision to have puppies.

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