A 3 legjobb fajta kezdő kutyatenyésztőknek
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A 3 legjobb fajta kezdő kutyatenyésztőknek

A 3 legjobb fajta kezdő kutyatenyésztőknek

The ideal candidate for becoming a family pet is the Scottish Shepherd. - sheltie. These dogs are active, love walks, so they will not let their new owners stay at home. The breed can be described in three words: “grace”, “nobility”, “lightness”. At the same time, Sheltie always sensitively captures the mood of a person and will not be imposed if the owner is not in a good mood. Beginners with a Scottish Shepherd will be very comfortable: the dogs are very accommodating, they are easy to train, they are not aggressive, but they will always let you know about the approach of danger with a loud bark.

Another good choice - welsh corgi. These dogs are extremely “human-oriented,” experts say. For them the owner - unconditional authority, so they remain devoted to a person all their lives. The breed was specially bred for hard shepherd work, in connection with which the Welsh Corgi looks serious and even a little harsh.  

Finally, the French Bulldog. Contrary to the stereotype that they are clumsy and clumsy, these dogs literally radiate positivity, joy, optimism and certainly do not like to sit still. They love long walks, are easy to care for and fun to play with. Therefore, French Bulldogs often become good friends with children. They are not very easy to train, but, having achieved the result, you can get a well-mannered and obedient dog.

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