A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta
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A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

Features of powerful dog breeds

All these animals are large in size and heavy in weight. Their jaws are powerful and their grip is very strong.

When purchasing a representative of this breed, it is worth remembering that he needs proper and high-quality training. That is why people who do not have experience with such dogs should not take risks. Without proper education, these dogs can become aggressive and dangerous to society.

The main feature of such pets is devotion to the owner and the desire to protect him. A well-bred dog will never rush at a stranger for no reason. It only attacks when it senses a threat.

Rating of the strongest dogs


Származási ország: Közép-Ázsia (Türkmenisztán)

Növekedés: 62-65 cm

A súlyt: 40 - 80 kg

Kor 10 - 12 év

Alabai is the strongest dog in the world. His ancestors were shepherd dogs who lived with nomads. During the formation of the breed, artificial selection was not used.

These animals are characterized by a tendency to dominate. That is why alabai needs an imperious and demanding owner.

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

Alabai is the strongest dog

The main purpose of the dog is protection. She will be able to protect both the person and his territory. As a watchdog, this dog will fit like no other. Being the most powerful dog in the world, it can frighten intruders with just its appearance.

The nature of a well-bred pet is calm and balanced. He will never attack for no reason. Such dogs treat children and other animals calmly.

Среднеазиатская овчарка (алабай). Планета собак 🌏 Моя Планета

Kaukázusi juhászkutya

Származási ország: a Szovjetunió

Növekedés: 66-75 cm

A súlyt: 45 - 75 kg

Kor 9 - 11 év

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is one of the most popular breeds in our country. It is capable of killing large predators – bears and wolves. But her aggression cannot be unreasonable. All this is for the protection of his family.

The coat of such a dog is very thick and dense. It needs to be brushed regularly. During the period of active molting, this procedure must be performed every day.

Due to the thick undercoat, the animal can survive the most severe frost. This dog is great for life in an aviary.

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

Ír farkaskutya

Származási ország: Írország

Növekedés: 76-86,5 cm

A súlyt: 50 - 72 kg

Kor kb 10-11 éves

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the largest and strongest breeds in the world. She is distinguished by benevolence and a high level of intelligence. Its distinguishing feature is the presence of hard hair on the muzzle.

Despite their impressive size, these pets are very peaceful and affectionate. From the first days they become attached to their owner and are ready to fulfill any of his requirements.

Dogs are very tolerant of children and endure any pranks of the child. They can be good babysitters. They lend themselves well to training. But beginners are not advised to train the wolfhound on their own.

These dogs do not tolerate being alone. Without a master, they begin to get bored.

The coat of the Irish wolfhound requires careful care – it must be regularly combed out with a special brush.

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

Berni hegyi kutya

Származási ország: Svájc

Növekedés: 60-70 cm

A súlyt: 35 - 50 kg

Kor 12 - 14 év

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a powerful dog breed belonging to the Molossian group. This dog is perfect for living in a large family with children.

He is calm with other pets. He loves to bark loudly, so the pet needs to be weaned from this bad habit from childhood. The level of intelligence is high. Learns new information quickly.

The Bernese Mountain Dog matures psychologically very late. That is why until about two years old you need to behave with him accordingly. You can’t shout at a dog, let alone beat him.

Such dogs do not like active games too much. Their energy doesn’t last long. This animal is distinguished by a calm disposition and even laziness.

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

Estrel juhászkutya

Származási ország: Portugália

Növekedés: 62-73 cm

A súlyt: 35 - 60 kg

Kor 11 - 13 év

The Estrel Sheepdog is one of the most physically strong dogs. Has a very high level of intelligence. Under the condition of improper upbringing, it can show excessive independence and stubbornness.

In ancient times, these descendants of the Molossians were used as watchmen. Today, the Estrel Sheepdogs are still good guard dogs.

These dogs are capable of making their own decisions. It’s in their genetics. The animal will rush at the stranger without hesitation, sensing danger.

The long and thick coat of a pet requires careful care. Especially during the shedding season. Best of all, this breed is suitable for suburban content.

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

Német kutya

Származási ország: Németország

Növekedés: 76-85 cm

A súlyt: 60 - 80 kg

Kor 9 - 10 év

The Great Dane is one of the largest dog breeds. The appearance of such an animal is distinguished by elegance and smartness. This dog can easily grow to the size of a pony.

Great Danes are very loyal and loving pets. They quickly become attached to the owner and are ready to carry out any of his instructions. The dog can understand the owner literally from a half-word. They are perfect for couples or single people.

The character of this muscular dog is distinguished by complaisance. But, despite this, regular training is essential for the pet.

The dog is distrustful of strangers. Attacks only in case of a real threat. It is difficult to find a common language with other animals.

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

Pireneusi hegyi kutya

Származási ország: Franciaország

Növekedés: 65-80 cm

A súlyt: 45 - 60 kg

Kor 10 - 12 év

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a powerful animal with a calm disposition. Differs in mind and ingenuity.

In ancient times, the ancestors of these animals were used by peasants for grazing. Today, these dogs are considered excellent companions and guards.

The wool of these pets is able to repel moisture and dirt. Therefore, frequent washing is not required for them. They get along well with children and can become good nannies. They tolerate frosty weather well.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog needs an owner with a strong character. Otherwise, the pet will become uncontrollable and aggressive.

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

Akita Inu

Származási ország: Japán

Növekedés: 64-75 cm

A súlyt: 36 - 50 kg

Kor 8 - 10 év

Akita Inu is one of the strongest breeds in the world. They are very energetic and mobile.

In Japan, this breed of dog was used as bodyguards for representatives of the imperial family. Today, dogs are considered excellent companions and watchdogs. Also, Akita Inu can become good hunters. They are able to bring the owner medium-sized game.

Dogs get along well with children. They will be devoted to their master for the rest of their lives. This breed is suitable for both large families and single people. They need quality education and training. Without proper attention, they can become naughty and stubborn.

The dense undercoat of the pet is regularly combed out with a stiff brush.

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

Rodéziai Ridgeback

Származási ország: Rodézia (Zimbabwe)

Növekedés: 61-69 cm

A súlyt: 32 - 36,5 kg

Kor 10 - 12 év

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is an intelligent and calm dog. The level of intelligence is very high. The ancestors of this breed are semi-wild animals that roamed with the Hottentot tribe in Africa. As in those days, and now, their main function is security.

Ridgebacks are sincerely devoted to the owner and are always ready to defend him. Even on a regular walk, such a dog will constantly monitor the situation and, in case of danger, will instantly rush at the enemy.

A trained dog will make a great companion. In large families, these pets feel great. Ridgebacks do not show aggression towards strangers and are friendly.

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

Bordeaux-i masztiff

Származási ország: Franciaország

Növekedés: 66-68 cm

A súlyt: 40 - 90 kg

Kor körülbelül 14 év

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a powerful and strong dog. In ancient times, these dogs were gladiators and fought with large predatory animals.

Subject to quality training, such a pet will grow up friendly and peaceful. He does not show aggression towards strangers.

Such animals do not require active walks in the open air. The dog will not refuse to lie on the couch and relax.

The short coat of a pet does not need special care. It should be brushed only as needed.

A világ legerősebb kutyái: a legjobb 10 fajta

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