The rarest cat colors
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The rarest cat colors

Nature has endowed cats with a genome that allows them to have coats of various shades: from red to golden, from pure blue to smoky white, from solid to multicolor. But even among such a variety, the rarest colors of cats can be distinguished.

Cinnamon color

This color is literally translated from English as “cinnamon”. It has a reddish-brown hue, easily distinguishable from chocolate brown or cream. The nose and paw pads of cats of this color are pinkish-brown, while in their “dark” counterparts they are the same color as the coat or slightly darker. Cinnamon is not a variety of red or chocolate, it is a separate rare color that appeared as a result of the painstaking work of felinologists involved in the British. It is this breed that it is peculiar to, but it is very difficult to get it.

Lila színű

The lilac color is truly amazing: it is unusual to see an animal with a pink-purple coat. Depending on the intensity, it is divided into isabella – the lightest, lavender – colder, and lilac – a warm color with a little “gray hair”. At the same time, the nose of the cat and the pads of its paws have a similar, pale purple hue. Matching the color of the coat and these delicate areas of the body is considered a sign of a noble color. This can boast of the British and, oddly enough, oriental cats.

Spotted color

Rare colors of cats are not only plain. When we think of the spotted color, we immediately imagine wild cats, such as leopards, manuls and other representatives of the cat family. But it can also be found in domestic Egyptian Mau and Bengal cats. This color is found in silver, bronze and smoky variations.

The Silver Mau has a light gray coat patterned with small dark circles. The skin around the eyes, mouth and nose is black. The base coat tone of the Bronze Mau is dark brown on the back and legs and creamy light on the belly. The body is decorated with brown patterns, on the muzzle there is ivory skin. And the Smoky Mau has an almost black coat with a silvery undercoat, on which spots are almost invisible.

Tortoise marble color

Marble color, like tortoiseshell, is quite common. However, their combination is a rare phenomenon, besides, it is inherent only in cats, there are no cats of this color. An intricate pattern on a background of two colors looks unusual and very impressive.

It can also be blue, in which case a pattern of a blue tint flaunts on a warm beige background. There is also a chocolate marble color. Such cats have a red coat with more intense “streaks” of the same color and at the same time a milk chocolate-colored coat with dark brown patterns.

The coat of cats has an interesting feature. Not only rare colors, but also the most common ones appear only by 6 months, and in some breeds a rich color is formed only by a year and a half. Unscrupulous breeders like to use this, offering to buy a purebred kitten under the guise of a thoroughbred and rare. Remember: rare colors of cats are obtained only from experienced felinologists who know their business well, do not save on pets and devote a lot of time to them.

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