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A legritkább macskafajták

TOP 10 Unusual and Rare Cat Breeds

The rare breeds that will be discussed stand out among their brethren in their original color, unusual character or behavior. Each of these varieties is unique and inimitable.

In addition to officially recognized breeds, there are also experimental ones. These small groups include the Ukrainian Levkoy and Bambino.

The top 10 rarest cat breeds in the world include both artificially bred pets and animals that are the result of natural development.


Származási ország: USA

Növekedés: 50 cm-ig

A súlyt: 5 - 14 kg

Kor 16 - 18 év

The Savannah is considered the rarest cat breed in the world. The coat is short. The coloring is definitely spotty.

She is a hybrid of wild and domestic cat breeds. The most important quality of such a cat is excessive curiosity. Savannah will accompany her master everywhere, because she considers herself a companion of a person.

Savannah does not tolerate loneliness well. Such a cat needs regular communication – either with a person or with another pet.

A legritkább macskafajták

american wirehair cat

Származási ország: USA

Növekedés: 30 cm-ig

A súlyt: 3 - 7 kg

Kor 14 - 16 év

The American Wirehair cat is a very small breed. Its representatives are distributed only in America and Europe. Wool – short length. According to the standard, the color can be very different.

These animals are playful and curious. They love to be around people. A long separation from the owner is experienced painfully. Strangers are treated with interest. They have a high level of communication skills.

They get along well with other pets, especially if they grew up next to them. Introducing a new pet to an adult rough-haired cat should be done carefully, as she may begin to divide the territory.

A legritkább macskafajták


Származási ország: USA

Növekedés: 27-30 cm

A súlyt: 2,5 - 6 kg

Kor 9 - 15 év

Snowshoe is a breed characterized by cheerfulness and energy. The coat is short. Colors – sio-point, blue-point, white. The undercoat is missing.

This breed appeared as a result of crossing Siamese and American Shorthair cats. Snowshoes choose one owner. They are sociable, but at the same time unobtrusive. Loneliness is very painful. It is not recommended for overly busy people to buy such cats.

A legritkább macskafajták

szingapúri macska

Származási ország: USA, Szingapúr

Növekedés: 28-32 cm

A súlyt: 2 - 3 kg

Kor 15 éves korig

The Singapura cat is a very unusual cat breed. Its main difference is authenticity. The ancestors of these cats lived on the streets of Singapore like doves or sparrows. The coat of such animals is short. Coloring is sepia agouti.

These pets are very affectionate and friendly: they like to be the center of attention, they become attached to people quickly enough. Loneliness is not well tolerated. Strangers are treated with distrust.

Singapura cats instantly capture the mood of a person. They quickly understand the change in intonation in the owner’s voice.

A legritkább macskafajták
Сингапура – редкая карликовая кошка из Азии


Származási ország: Thaiföld

Növekedés: 25-30 cm

A súlyt: 2,5 - 5 kg

Kor 10 - 12 év

The Khao Mani is a cat breed that originated in Thailand. This animal has a very ancient pedigree. The coat of such a pet is short. Color is exclusively white.

Cats of this breed, which have an unusual eye color, are very popular – experts call this heterochromia.

Khao Mani are playful and curious pets. They become attached to the owner very strongly and cannot stand a long separation from him. They love to purr, “talk” with the owner.

There are no nurseries with such animals in our country. A purebred representative of this breed can only be purchased in Thailand or Europe.

A legritkább macskafajták


Származási ország: Denmark, Kenya

Növekedés: 30 cm-ig

A súlyt: 3 - 5 kg

Kor 9 - 15 év

Sokoke are rare breeds of exotic cats. In appearance, this pet resembles a cheetah. Sokoke’s coat is short. Coloring – bronze or snow tabi.

Representatives of this breed are known for their endless energy. They literally cannot sit in one place. That is why for sokoke you need to purchase a large number of toys.

Such a cat becomes attached to the owner instantly. Separation from him is going through badly. Strangers are friendly. Gets along with other animals without problems. With children, she behaves affectionately – she is ready to support the child in any game.

A legritkább macskafajták


Származási ország: USA

Növekedés: 35 cm-ig

A súlyt: 8 - 15 kg

Kor 12 - 15 év

The Serengeti is another rare exotic cat species. These pets are sometimes called domestic servals. Their coat is smooth and short. Coloring – always with dark spots and stripes.

These descendants of wild cats are able to jump very high – up to 2 meters in height. Such animals are distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity. The family is very affectionate. They become attached to the owner quickly. Experts advise novice breeders to purchase these cats, as they have a rather docile nature.

They are reluctant to get along with other pets. The Serengeti will always strive to take a leadership position.

A legritkább macskafajták


Származási ország: Oroszország

Növekedés: 23-30 cm

A súlyt: 3 - 5 kg

Kor 13 - 15 év

The Peterbald is a very unusual cat breed. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that these animals can be either completely bald or have short hair.

Such pets are distinguished by a complaisant character. These cats are affectionate and energetic. Very sociable – loneliness is not tolerated well. The hunting instinct of representatives of this breed is well developed, they will be happy to chase rodents.

Peterbald strives to explore everything around – he will definitely explore cabinets, open doors and drawers. However, such pets are not prone to damage to furniture. They love to meow very much – if the cat needs something, then he will give a voice until he achieves what he wants.

A legritkább macskafajták


Származási ország: USA

Növekedés: 28 cm-ig

A súlyt: 3 - 6 kg

Kor 10 - 14 év

The LaPerm is a cat breed with curly hair. These animals practically do not shed. According to the standard, the colors of such pets can be very different – from white to jet black. Both single color and multi-color are allowed. The coat can be short or long.

The nature of these cats is friendly and loving. These animals make good companions. Pets love to spend time with the owner. They are very affectionate and friendly.

These cats are good with children. Other pets are taken lightly. If the dog does not encroach on the territory of the animal, then the laperm will behave friendly with it.

A legritkább macskafajták

karéliai bobtail

Származási ország: Oroszország

Növekedés: 28 cm-ig

A súlyt: 2,5 - 6 kg

Kor 10 - 15 év

The Karelian Bobtail is a cat breed with a very short tail. They are shorthaired or semi-longhaired. Any color is acceptable, including tricolor and bicolor.

The character of such a cat is flexible. They are friendly to all people, even strangers. Bobtails value their own space very much. This animal will always find something to do. Such a cat will never ceaselessly follow the owner around the house, being interested exclusively in his affairs.

They get along well with other pets. The children are very kind. They have quite a lot of patience. The animal will not bite or scratch the child, even if he does something unpleasant to him. Bobtail, rather, just step aside.

A legritkább macskafajták

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