A legdrágább macskafajták
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A legdrágább macskafajták

  • Maine Coon

    Maine Coon cats are large in size: they can reach 120 cm in length with a tail and weigh up to 8 kg. In addition, Maine Coons perfectly hunt mice and adapt to extremely cold weather. Expressive eyes, large ears, fluffy tail and ruffled fur remain in the memory of those who saw the Maine Coon for a long time. Despite the formidable appearance, this large animal is very friendly and welcoming. Maine Coon loves to be close to the owner, but at the same time retains independence and independence. Cats of this breed get along well with dogs and love to play with children. This is not the most expensive cat breed, but kittens can cost up to $1000.

  • Brit Rövidszőrű

    British Shorthair cats in the past were court pets of the rulers of the Roman Empire. Today, they may not be as energetic and cannot boast of a highly developed hunting instinct, but they are very affectionate and understand the owners perfectly. Representatives of this breed have earned universal love for their sociability and equanimity, they get along well with all family members and with animals.

    Despite the love and strong affection for their family, the British always maintain their dignity and do not allow themselves to be treated like a toy. Cats of this breed have a memorable appearance: they have a charmingly rounded muzzle, eyes of a unique copper hue and bluish-gray fur. The price tag for a Briton also tends to $ 1000, especially if the kitten boasts an ideal pedigree.

  • amerikai göndör

    The American Curl is a cat with an unusual appearance. Her ears are distinguished by a unique shape: their ends are slightly wrapped back, which is why the breed got its name – from the English word becsavar translates as “curl”. The particular shape of her ears is not the result of selection, but a spontaneous gene mutation that humans have nothing to do with. The American Curl is very friendly, playful, intelligent and loves attention. These cats are both short-haired and long-haired, their coat is very soft, some compare it to silk. In the US, the American Curl can cost up to $1200; outside of their homeland, the cost of kittens of this breed increases.

  • Orosz kék

    The Russian Blue cat attracts with its brilliant green eyes and silver-blue coat. She has not only a beautiful appearance, but also an attractive character: these cats are devoted to their owners, they subtly feel the mood of a person and are able to quickly adapt to it.

    Russian Blue (or Arkhangelsk cat, as it is also called) is a rather shy breed. These cats are extremely wary of strangers, but very sociable with family members. The muzzle of the Russian Blue always has a smiling expression due to the raised corners of the mouth. This feature contributed to the emergence of Russian blue fans not only in Russia, but throughout the world. The cost of kittens reaches $1500.

  • Scottish Fold or Scottish Fold

    A distinctive feature of the breed, as you might guess from its name, are unusual small folded ears. Depending on the position, they can make the cat look like a teddy bear or an owl.

    These cats are funny and sociable. However, a mutational gene, due to which the ears of the Scottish fold differ from ordinary ears, can also negatively affect the tissues of the joints. For the best representatives of the breed, you can pay up to $ 3000.

  • Szfinksz

    Sphynxes (Don and Canadian) are known for their unusual appearance – due to a natural mutation, they have no hair. Despite this, representatives of the breed are not subject to any serious genetic diseases and do not have health problems. They are smart and playful cats. They are very attached to their master, but are not averse to communicating with other people and animals.

    Due to their lack of fur, their skin gets dirty faster, so they need to be bathed much more often than their furry counterparts. However, connoisseurs of their unusual appearance and character are not at all embarrassed by this, and they are ready to pay up to $ 3000 for kittens.

  • peterbald

    The Peterbald is an elegant cat breed bred in Russia. Its representatives may be completely naked, may have a small “peach” fluff or even short hair. These Neva beauties are unusually affectionate both towards people and other pets. They are very attached to the owner, and it is difficult for them to be alone for a long time. In addition, they are perfectly trainable. Grooming for naked Peterbalds is the same as for sphinxes. In summer, it is important to remember that hairless pets can easily get burned. Peterbald kittens can cost up to $3,500.

  • Perzsa macska

    Historical evidence suggests that the ancestors of the Persian cat existed even before our era. Today it is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

    By nature, the Persians are calm, they can lie with the owner on the couch all day, but this does not mean that they do not like to play. Because of the long soft coat and flat muzzle, Persians look like toys. But do not forget that a beautiful thick coat requires careful care. Ancient roots and memorable wool are valued at $5000.

  • Bengáli macska

    Bengal cats have an exotic wild appearance. The breed appeared as a result of crossing a wild Asian leopard cat with a domestic one. From their wild relatives, these cats received not only color, but also an impressive size: they are much larger than ordinary domestic cats.

    However, a much bigger problem in keeping a Bengal at home can be its overly curious nature. Exploring the aquarium, playing with switches, jumping on a chandelier are common behaviors for cats of this breed. In general, Bengals love to communicate and are good with both children and dogs. The complexity of breeding raises the cost of a Bengal cat to $5000.

  • Szavanna

    Savannah is a cross between a wild African serval and a domestic cat. The first kittens appeared in 1986, and very soon the breed became popular. By nature, savannahs are similar to dogs. With proper socialization, they will not have problems communicating with people and animals. Otherwise, the cat will behave aggressively, which can create certain problems.

    Like Bengals, Savannahs are curious and need a lot of exercise and satisfying cravings for everything new. The price of a savanna depends on its type. There are five of them: from F1 to F5. Type F1 cats are half servals, while type F5 has only 11% wild blood. F1 Savannahs cost up to $10 and are by far the most expensive cat breed in the world.

    This list includes breeds officially recognized by felinological organizations. Their prices are approximate, among breeders of any breed there are those who sell cats for less or more.

    Having decided to purchase an expensive breed, you should carefully consider the pedigree and breeding conditions of each individual animal. This is the only way to protect yourself from scammers.

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