A kutya abbahagyta a szárazeledel evését. Mit kell tenni?

A kutya abbahagyta a szárazeledel evését. Mit kell tenni?

A kutya abbahagyta a szárazeledel evését. Mit kell tenni?

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It is important to establish the reason why the pet stopped eating the usual food. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the condition of the dog. She may have become ill, which can be manifested by lethargy, fading of the coat, fever, and other signs. It is possible that problems have appeared in the oral cavity, and the animal experiences pain when chewing dry food granules.

At the slightest suspicion of a disease, you should contact your veterinarian.

If the dog is healthy, but still refuses food, then the owner needs to check if there is fresh water in the pet’s bowl. Sometimes it happens that the animal does not eat dry food because it cannot drink enough liquid.

Another reason is the consumer properties of the feed. The owner should check if the expiration date has passed, if the granules have a rancid smell. Although dry rations do not require too strict storage conditions, food can be accidentally spoiled. For example, if you store it near the battery, then the food will dry out and become too hard, and if stored in a humid room, it runs the risk of becoming a victim of mold.


Dogs, as a rule, are not particularly fastidious in food and are ready to eat the same food for a long time. And such monotony of animals is not at all depressing.

However, there is always a small chance that the pet will have a whim. In this case, you can try to change the taste of the food or switch to a different brand of diet. For example, instead of “Chappi appetizing chicken” you can offer the dog “Chappi with home-style beef.” Or, instead of the Chappi brand, you can give your dog a taste of Pedigree, Cesar, Perfect Fit, Nature’s Table, Pro Plane, Royal Canin, etc. Dry foods are available under many brands, and your pet can definitely choose a new flavor for himself.

However, the owner must follow the simple rules for switching to a new food: it should be done gradually, over 5 days, mixing a few new pellets into the old food, then more and more.

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