A kutya szül. Mit kell tenni?
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A kutya szül. Mit kell tenni?

A kutya szül. Mit kell tenni?

The first and most important thing to do is to calm down and call the veterinarian, even if the birth takes place at night. This should be agreed in advance with a specialist who examines a pregnant dog and whom you trust. While the doctor is on the way, you must independently follow the course of childbirth.

Dog’s water broke

If there are no puppies yet and you can’t see them, and the waters have broken, most likely, the birth began not so long ago. You have some time before the doctor arrives. The dog is currently experiencing the most intense contractions, so you can pet and calm him down. Do not offer her water, as this may cause vomiting or even lead to the need for a caesarean section.

What to pay attention to? Record the time since the discovery of contractions. If contractions and attempts last more than two hours, be sure to tell your doctor!

Dog gives birth to a puppy

Suppose you find that the dog is already in the process of giving birth.

In no case do not stimulate labor activity, even if it seems to you that everything is happening too slowly. Reassure and praise your dog.

Once a puppy is born, don’t take it away. First, the mother must lick it and cut the umbilical cord. If for some reason she does not lick it, free the puppy from the shell yourself, having previously treated your hands with an antiseptic and put on gloves. The same applies to the case when the dog did not gnaw through the umbilical cord. If the doctor has not arrived by this time, you need to do it yourself.

How to cut a puppy’s umbilical cord:

  1. Prepare scissors with round ends in advance;
  2. Treat your hands with an antiseptic solution;
  3. Vegyen fel eldobható kesztyűt;
  4. Pull up the afterbirth (the remains of the membrane and the placenta). At this point, the dog may itself gnaw the umbilical cord;
  5. If the dog is confused and did not gnaw through the umbilical cord, drive the blood inside towards the puppy’s stomach;
  6. Tie the umbilical cord with sterile thread (pre-treated), and then at a distance of 1-1,5 cm from this knot, cut the umbilical cord and firmly pinch this place with your thumb and forefinger to stop the blood.

The dog has given birth to one or more puppies

If the dog has already given birth to one or more puppies, weigh them, determine the sex and write the data in a notebook. If you see that the dog’s contractions continue and the next puppy has already appeared, put the rest in a warm box with a heating pad prepared in advance. Keep this box in front of your dog.

If the puppy is not yet visible, let the dog lick and feed the newborns. Now they especially need maternal colostrum, which contains nutrients and antibodies, that is, immunity for puppies. It also helps start the digestive process, and licking stimulates the respiratory process.

Weak puppies that barely move need to be “revitalized”. If suddenly you notice such a puppy in the litter, call the veterinarian and act according to his instructions.

Remember, the most important thing to do when you find a dog in labour, is to call your veterinarian. Even if you are an experienced breeder and the dog is not giving birth for the first time. Unfortunately, no pet is immune from possible complications.

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