Summer clothes for dogs
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Summer clothes for dogs

Summer clothes for dogs

First of all, summer suits are necessary for dogs of small breeds without hair: for Chinese Crested, Mexican and Peruvian hairless dogs, to protect their skin from overheating. In addition, clothing will protect the pet’s skin from chafing with a harness or collar.

Mesh or knitted openwork overalls save not only from injury by ammunition, but also from cuts by grass. Also, with imperfect thermoregulation, they will warm you on cool days (for example, after rain) and protect you from drafts. In addition, summer clothes can protect the animal from accidental mating.

Summer clothes for dogs

A summer outfit will complement a headdress well, which will not only protect the dog from overheating, but also save the animal’s eyes from the bright sun.

To protect pets from ticks, special overalls from insects will help.

Summer clothes will also be useful for dogs with thick long hair. Special cooling vests or blankets will help save animals from the heat.

Dog breeders who carefully monitor their pets are well aware of dust coats. With their help, after walking, the dog’s coat remains clean, blades of grass and twigs do not stick to it, and besides, it does not fade in the sun.

For the safety of animals on the water, there are dog life jackets and even wetsuits.

How to choose a summer wardrobe?

When choosing a suit, experts advise choosing simple, lightweight clothing that must be breathable. The most preferred materials are chintz and other cotton hypoallergenic fabrics.

Summer clothes for dogs

For long-haired breeds, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the fabric is smooth and does not tangle the wool. At the same time, summer clothes should be in light colors, since they heat up less.

Choose your size carefully. Clothing should not only hinder movement and squeeze the pet, but also hang freely. Because in this case, the risk of catching on something and getting injured increases.

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