Rules for assigning titles to dogs in the RKF
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Rules for assigning titles to dogs in the RKF

Some beginners are eliminated after the first show, not wanting to spend the weekend running in circles with the dog or not getting the grade they expected. Others are drawn in and become fans of communication with like-minded people and incomparable unity with their four-legged friend and victories and defeats divided into two. It is the dogs of such fans that collect all possible titles. And, in fact, what?

Show ranks

Exhibitions have a certain hierarchy. These are events of the CAC rank, based on the RKF calendar, all breeds of dogs can participate in them. Events of the CACIB rank are also all-breed exhibitions, but international ones, they are organized based on the FCI calendar. There are also monobreeds, representatives of one breed compete in them (for example, collies). Such events are held by the NKP, they are also divided according to the titles assigned – the ranks of candidates for club champions (CC) and the rank of club champions (CC). Once a year, a national exhibition of the breed club, the so-called “national show”, is held.

Rules for assigning titles to dogs in the RKF

Titles and assignment rules

Depending on the rank of the exhibition, various certificates and titles are awarded. The main titles that dogs can get in Russia are: Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, International Champion, as well as Junior Club Champion and Club Champion. 

These titles are assigned to dogs depending on the age and rank of the shows. Depending on the age of your pet, he can become both a junior champion and an adult. Juniors applying for the title of young champions of Russia or the club are dogs aged 9-18 months. Those who are older should already be fighting for adult titles.

It should be borne in mind that a dog can close the title both in one show and by gaining a certain number of certificates. So what does this mean? If you are the owner of a very beautiful dog that has practically no flaws, keeps well in the ring, is perfectly prepared for exhibitions, and you know for sure that the judge who comes to judge the national dog will definitely like her, then you can try to close the title of junior or adult club champion with one stroke. To do this, you just need to win such an exhibition. The dog must be best junior male/female or simply best male if over 18 months old. But only a few are capable of this, really magnificent dogs, who were also lucky on this particular day. The rest will have to be patient and close the titles, gaining certificates and, accordingly, attending exhibitions.

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In order to close the title of the junior champion of Russia or the junior champion of the club, there are several ways. According to the show regulations for the junior champion of Russia, it is necessary to get three JCAC certificates from three different judges at RKF shows CAC and / or CACIB. This means that your dog must win his class, that is, become the best junior male/junior female. However, special conditions apply at such exhibitions as “Russia”, “RKF President’s Cup”, “Eurasia”, “RKF Cup”, “AP Mazover Memorial”. For junior class winners of these shows, one JCAC counts as two, and the reserve R.JCAC given to the second placed dog counts as JCAC. It should be taken into account that at shows males and females are judged separately, and the winners fight for the title of the best junior of the breed.

If you did not manage to close the title of the junior champion of the National Breed Club at one time, then the same principle applies here as when obtaining the junior champion of Russia. That is, it is necessary to collect certificates, but here they are called YuKChK, and you need to get them from three different judges. It is necessary that one of the three certificates be obtained at a monobreed show organized by the National Breed Club, two more certificates can be obtained both at monobreed shows and in specialized rings at RKF shows of the CACIB rank. There are also special conditions. At the national NKP show, the JCCC certificate counts as two JCCC.

Rules for assigning titles to dogs in the RKF


The rules for assigning titles to adult dogs are a little more complicated. They take into account whether the animal has a junior title or not. So, in order to close the title of champion of Russia, you need to get four CAC certificates from four different judges, that is, become the winner of your class four times. At the same time, at least a year must elapse between the first and last CAC. However, the condition about the time interval does not apply to dogs that have the title of junior champion of Russia. If your dog has become the winner of one of the largest exhibitions of “Eurasia” or “Russia”, then the title of champion of Russia is issued for one CAC received from another judge at any RKF show of the CAC or CACIB rank.

And finally, one of the most prestigious titles is the International Beauty Champion. In order to close this title, a dog must be Best Male or Best Female four times in a row at international shows by three different judges in three different countries. 1 year and 1 day must elapse between receiving the first and last certificates.

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