Hogyan kell használni a szigorú gallért?
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Hogyan kell használni a szigorú gallért?

Hogyan kell használni a szigorú gallért?

A strict collar, which is otherwise called parfors, is a metal chain with spikes. They are designed to control the behavior of the pet. Some manufacturers cover the outer part of the parfor with leather, leatherette or fabric – for ease of wearing. How to choose and how to use a strict collar?

Who is Parfort for?

Strict collars, or “stringers”, are intended, as a rule, for large breeds of dogs. Do not wear parfors on small dogs and puppies! It can only be used when working with large pets, which are sometimes simply impossible to influence by other methods: encouragement and lighter punishment.

If the pet has problems with obedience, behavior, control of aggression and anger, first contact the dog handler.

Hogyan kell használni?

In no case should you try to train a dog in a strict collar yourself if you do not have such experience. Trust a specialist. He must tell in detail how this training tool will be used, why the dog needs it and what results can be achieved with its help.

The whole action of the parfors is to simulate a dog bite. The pet perceives this impact as a bite of the mother or leader, that is, a stronger and more empowered individual.

Hogyan viselni?

The most important thing when choosing a strict collar is its size and fit. Often, dog owners choose the wrong size of the parfor, as a result of which it simply hangs around the pet’s neck. This is a mistake, because in this position the dog practically does not feel it. A strict collar should fit snugly to the neck above the withers (almost immediately behind the ears) – this way the impact will be stronger.

What to look for when choosing a collar?

  1. Az anyagok minősége. If the collar is made of soft metal that bends easily, you should not take such a model;

  2. A méret. When choosing a strict collar, try trying it on right in the store. Parfors is put on correctly if a finger can hardly crawl under the spike;

  3. Linkek. They must be even and uniform in size;

  4. A hatás. There are special models of “strippers” that imitate the effect of a stranglehold. Before buying, you need to check with the cynologist whether such an effect is necessary;

  5. Spike ends. For short-haired pets, collars with rubberized spike tips are often chosen so as not to damage the dog’s skin;

  6. Lánc. A strict collar option with plates instead of a chain may not be suitable for a long-haired pet. In this case, it is better to choose a wire type parfor;

  7. Tövis. You should not choose models with too long or sharp spikes: severe pain will disorient the dog, leading to complete disobedience.

The most important thing to remember is that a strict collar is not a permanent accessory for a dog; you cannot wear it every day. The pet will quickly get used to the discomfort, and the effect of using the “strictor” will be minimal.

A strict collar is a special tool for raising a dog that should not be used on its own.

Training with parfors takes place in extreme cases, when it is impossible to correct the dog’s behavior with more gentle methods. As soon as the pet began to show the result of training, the strict collar is gradually abandoned in order to consolidate the skills already under normal conditions.

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