Minden a kiskutyáról

Hogyan tanítsunk meg egy kiskutyát becenévre?

When choosing a name for a dog, you need to remember that the nickname should be short and sonorous. Such that it can be easily and quickly pronounced, attracting the attention of the pet. Of course, diminutive nicknames, various alterations of the nickname may subsequently appear. But the main name, to which the dog will always respond, should be easy to pronounce.

Hogyan tanítsunk meg egy kiskutyát becenévre?

You should not call the dog by the names of people: in public places, on walks, this can lead to the fact that people with the same name may be next to the puppy, and the situation will not be very beautiful. And, of course, it’s better not to exercise by fantasizing, and not to come up with a “cool” name, which will then be embarrassing to voice in a crowded place!

Clubs give owners recommendations on how to name their pet, but do not forget that these are just recommendations. What will be entered in the dog’s passport may even consist of 15 words, but this will not be a nickname at all, to which your pet will respond.


So the puppy is at home. And you need to start learning. Pay attention to the tone in which you pronounce the dog’s name. It is best to speak in an affectionate, calm voice, reinforcing a positive perception of the nickname in a small dog.

Be sure to praise the puppy if he reacts when he says the nickname. For example, running up to you. At first, before the puppy finally learns what his name is, it is always better to address the baby by name. No “baby”, “doggy” or “puppy”, unless you choose to name the dog that way. You should also not attract the puppy’s attention by whistling or smacking your lips. All this will confuse him and slow down the accustoming to the name, and can also create danger on walks and make training difficult, because any passerby can attract the attention of your dog, just by whistling or smacking him.

Feed by calling

The puppy will quickly learn to respond to his nickname if the pronunciation of the name is followed by pleasant communication or food. So before feeding the dog (and small puppies are fed up to six times a day), you should call the name of the baby, attracting his attention, and only then put a bowl of food.

Hogyan tanítsunk meg egy kiskutyát becenévre?

It is also important to develop the puppy’s ability to immediately respond to the nickname when he is busy with something and is not watching the owner, but, for example, playing with a stick. To do this, before giving food and calling him, you should wait until the puppy is distracted. Then you need to pronounce his name and, when the puppy pays attention to you, put a bowl and stroke the baby, repeating his nickname several times.

By following these fairly simple recommendations, you will quickly teach your puppy to respond to his name.

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