How to quickly remove fleas from a dog with home remedies and medicines

How to quickly remove fleas from a dog with home remedies and medicines

What to do if you find fleas

If you find even one flea in a dog, you need to act as follows.

How to quickly remove fleas from a dog with home remedies and medicines

Flea life cycle

  • Do not delay the treatment – fleas multiply at a high speed. It will take only a few days for the pet to stop sleeping and eating, and insects to penetrate into all surrounding objects. It will be much more difficult to get them out of there than with a dog. In addition, in this case, there is a high risk of re-invasion.
  • Apply an integrated approach to the destruction of parasites. In addition to the pet, you will have to process the room in which he lives (in the case of the street, this is an aviary, a booth, everything that is in them). To be guaranteed to get rid of bloodsuckers, you will need to use not only folk, but also industrial pest control products.
  • The preparation for treating a four-legged friend must be selected in accordance with its characteristics, for example, age, attitude towards washing, health status. Ideally, you should consult with a veterinarian, but advice from people who have already encountered such a situation and successfully overcome it is also acceptable.
  • For the duration of the pest control measures, the dog should be in “quarantine” – it is worth restricting it from free range and communication with unfamiliar relatives.

Industrial flea control products

At the moment, the means by which you can remove fleas from a dog are presented in a huge assortment. However, for all their effectiveness, each of them has only a temporary effect, because these parasites are ubiquitous. As soon as the treatment action ends, the flea may reappear. Therefore, you need to know how to prevent an invasion, how to quickly get rid of insects, and how to save the result in the future.


How to quickly remove fleas from a dog with home remedies and medicines

A kutya mosása

Shampoos help to remove fleas in dogs only if they are minimal, as insects multiply, this type of treatment completely loses its effectiveness. Insecticide-based products, such as permethrin, help get rid of parasites. However, this component can cause an allergic reaction, the signs of which are: excessive salivation and vomiting.

There are also products for pest control of dogs with natural ingredients. Plant extracts have an antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, healing effect, maintain the pet’s hairline in a healthy state. After applying flea shampoo to the dog, it must be carefully distributed over the body (avoiding contact with the eyes, nose and mouth), left for a while (according to the instructions), rinsed off. After drying, it is recommended to comb the dog with a comb with a fine comb.

Some of the most popular dog flea shampoos include: Bruno, Leopard, Phytoelite.

How to quickly remove fleas from a dog with home remedies and medicines

Flea Shampoo Mr. Bruno

Bars Flea Shampoo

Shampoo Phytoelita from fleas


How to quickly remove fleas from a dog with home remedies and medicines

Applying flea drops

You can quickly get rid of blood-sucking parasites from a four-legged friend at home with the help of drops. This option is more effective than the previous one, therefore it is well-deservedly popular. The action of the contents of the bottle is stored for about a month (subject to the instructions of the instructions).

Drops are applied to the dog’s skin in a place inaccessible to licking (most often the scruff of the neck). The active ingredient is toxic to bloodsuckers; it penetrates the epidermis and bloodstream of the animal, resulting in the elimination of insects. However, before removing fleas from a dog with drops, you need to consult a veterinarian, since the active ingredients have side effects and contraindications.

Among the drops can be noted: Bars Forte, Celandine, Barrier, Frontline.


Using a collar to remove fleas from a dog, although convenient, presents certain difficulties. This method is not suitable for puppies, puppies, and lactating dogs, as the insecticides that are soaked in the collar can have a negative effect on the puppies.

Collars containing natural substances, as well as ultrasonic ones, are safer. At the same time, the latter option is too expensive in terms of cost, and natural ingredients are not effective for abundant flea colonization. Another disadvantage of anti-flea collars is that poisonous compounds are distributed unevenly over the body. In addition, the product is not recommended to be used simultaneously with other methods.


You can remove fleas from a dog with a spray. This form of processing has gained popularity due to its ease. It is enough to apply the product on the hair in the area of ​​​​the pet’s neck, after which the parasites will leave the animal for at least 3-4 weeks.

The disadvantage of using a spray in the fight against fleas is the high content of toxic substances in the composition. Contraindications are the same as in the case of the collar. There is also the possibility of licking the drug if it gets on other parts of the body.

Frontline is considered the most effective tool in this group; Bars and Beafar aerosols are no less popular with dog breeders.


An insecticidal agent for fleas in a dog in powder form has not found significant distribution among dog breeders. This is due to the need to rub the product with your hands into the skin and hair of the animal. In addition, the use of this processing method increases the risk of poisoning. Powders are not used when it comes to puppies, dogs “in position”, lactating and weakened.

Among the powdered drugs can be identified: Sanal, Insectal.


The tablet form of flea control also did not take root among dog owners. Chewable tablets slightly reduce the number of parasites, but do not remove them completely. In addition, this method of disinsection is dangerous for poisoning and allergies. Treatment consists in adding the drug to the animal’s feed.

Veterinary pharmacies offer drugs such as Comforts, Capstar.

Folk remedies for fleas in dogs

An alternative to industrial preparations is the removal of fleas from a dog with folk remedies. As a rule, they are effective if insects are present in small numbers. However, as a preventive and auxiliary means, folk methods are indispensable.

How to quickly remove fleas from a dog with home remedies and medicines

Flea head under the microscope

  • Herbs. The most popular and effective plants that can scare away fleas are: wormwood, tansy, eucalyptus, hellebore. The last option is sold in a pharmacy, this is the most powerful remedy; its use requires caution, since exceeding the recommended dose threatens with severe intoxication of the animal’s body. Plants are used to prepare decoctions or infusions used for bathing the dog. Using herbs is a great and safe way to get rid of fleas in puppies.
  • Laundry soap. To rid your pet of blood-sucking insects, you need to make a solution from laundry soap. To do this, eucalyptus leaves are boiled in advance in a separate container. After cooling, a little cedar (fir, pine, tea tree) oil and grated soap are added to it. The resulting liquid is used to wash the dog. You can store it at room temperature.
  • Garlic. Fleas cannot stand the smell of garlic, however, when processing, you need to carefully monitor your pet – for dogs, this plant is dangerous (up to death) when ingested. To prepare a medicinal solution, 2-3 cloves are crushed, poured with 200 ml of water, left overnight. The resulting liquid can be applied only to those parts of the body that the animal cannot lick.
  • Onion. It works in the same way as garlic. To process a pet, the head is finely chopped, poured with water, soap is added (preferably tar or household). After stirring, the animal’s coat is treated with a solution.
  • Apple vinegar. To get rid of bloodsuckers, the body of the dog is abundantly moistened with an aqueous solution of apple cider vinegar and left for 60 minutes, then washed off and combed well. For cooking, you need one part vinegar and three parts water.
  • Essential oils. Fleas are afraid of any pungent odors, especially esters of citrus, eucalyptus, coniferous, tea tree. Oils are recommended to be applied directly to the dog’s coat or added to water when bathing.

Removing fleas from a pregnant dog

To destroy fleas in a pregnant dog, it is best to use folk methods, but if there are a lot of insects, you need to choose a stronger remedy. A collar is contraindicated for pregnant cats, and among other options, experts recommend drops, for example, Frontline or Lawyer (suitable even for lactating bitches). If the dog calmly tolerates bathing, then shampoo can be used for treatment.

How to get rid of fleas in puppies

It is more difficult to get rid of fleas in puppy dogs than in adults, since most of the products on the market have been shown since six months. Only a few drugs are approved for use:

  • from 1,5 months – Bars and Stronghold in the form of a spray, shampoos Celandine and Phytoelita;
  • from 2 months – Celandine and Frontline in the form of drops, Beafar collar.

Before using these drugs, you must read the instructions to learn how to properly destroy fleas and prevent puppy poisoning.

Note: the best option for puppies would be the use of folk methods and means: tar soap, wormwood.

Is there a flea vaccine

Many owners would like to have their pet vaccinated against fleas. As such, there is no flea vaccine. However, grafting is often referred to as insecticide injections. The injection acts like drops, but the duration of the effect can reach six months. The mechanism of action of the vaccine is as follows: when bitten, the insect receives a dose of a toxic substance that causes a violation of the NS of the parasite, and then its death.

The positive aspects of flea injections in dogs include the simplicity of the method. Only a single injection is required to protect a pet from bloodsuckers. In addition, the possibility of getting the drug into the gastrointestinal tract of the animal is completely excluded, which means there is no risk of poisoning. An additional advantage – the tool is available in different versions, providing for the treatment of dogs of different ages and colors.

Not all dogs are eligible for flea injections. It is contraindicated to use injections for puppies younger than 2 months of age, weak pets, allergy sufferers. You can not vaccinate yourself – this should be done by a veterinarian after a preliminary examination of the dog. Most often, as a flea vaccine, they use: Lufenuron, Eprimek, Ivermectin.

Treatment of the room where the dog lives

To remove fleas from a dog, it is not enough to process only a pet. Insects that live next to it will return to the “owner” again as soon as the drug expires. Therefore, it is necessary to simultaneously carry out a thorough disinsection of the premises (apartments, houses, booths) in which the pet lives.

Kutya bolha kezelés

There are several ways to disinfect an apartment. You can use one, the most suitable, or you can apply several at once.

How to quickly remove fleas from a dog with home remedies and medicines

What do fleas look like on a dog?

  • Thermal impact. If the temperature is below zero outside the window, it is enough to take out the things in which the fleas have settled for several hours outside. You can also destroy insects by exposing them to boiling water (dip or boil).
  • Chemical attack. Tools such as Karbofos, Reid, Phenaksin and the like are used to treat floors, walls, corners, utility rooms, large interior items (for example, upholstered furniture). You can use insecticidal preparations in the form of a spray or powder that the dog was treated with. It is important that there is not a single unprocessed corner left, otherwise the processing will have to be started again.
  • folk methods. Of the folk methods for treating an apartment from dog fleas, the same means are used as for disinfestation of a pet. These are: wormwood, kerosene, pine sawdust and others. Only kerosene treatment leads to the death of insects, other methods can be used as an addition to the chemical option. Infusions and decoctions are prepared from plants, with which they wipe all surfaces in the house, preferably several times a day. As an option – spread around the apartment (along the plinth, in the corners, under the furniture) fresh wormwood, and change it as it dries for a month (minimum).
  • professional way. The services of special services for the destruction of fleas in the room are addressed in difficult situations, with the ineffectiveness of other methods. The essence of professional processing is the artificial creation of fine vapor particles containing an insecticide. These particles settle on surfaces, penetrating deep into porous materials, causing the death of insects.

Processing a dog house

When removing fleas from a dog in a booth, you also need to put things in order. To destroy insects, use the same methods and preparations as in the apartment. The litter must be burned, and to prevent the return of bloodsuckers inside the booth and around it, branches of wormwood or tansy should be laid out (they should be periodically replaced with fresh ones).

Processing safety rules

Since flea control on dogs and indoors involves the use of highly toxic chemicals, precautions must be taken.

  • you can not use drugs and products that have ended the period of operation;
  • carefully read the instructions for using this or that remedy, especially when it comes to the treatment of puppies, weakened and pregnant animals;
  • if it is not possible to contact a specialist, when choosing a drug, pay attention to the dosages indicated in the instructions, especially the age of the animal, recommendations for further monitoring;
  • if during the procedure the pet became ill, you need to urgently take him to the clinic or call a specialist at home;
  • before proceeding with the disinfection of the premises with chemicals, it is necessary to remove all household members from there, including pets;
  • treatment should be carried out in rubber gloves and a respirator (or medical mask);
  • after the pest control is completed, you must leave the apartment, wash your face and wash your hands.

You can return to the treated room after the period specified in the annotation to the tool used.

Bolha megelőzés

It is almost impossible to prevent fleas on a dog, but it is possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of infestation with parasites. To do this, you need to follow a number of recommendations:

  • when going for a walk, put on a flea collar;
  • use drugs that are acceptable for prevention (for example, injections);
  • regularly treat the place where the pet lives, its bedding, with appropriate pest control products;
  • avoid contact of a pet with unfamiliar relatives;
  • keep the dog clean, monitor the condition of the coat;
  • do not walk in places known to be inhabited by fleas (basements, abandoned areas).

What means to remove fleas from a dog – each owner decides according to his capabilities. The main thing is to notice the problem in a timely manner and prevent the reproduction of insects.

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