Hogyan kell helyesen etetni egy kutyát egész életében?

Hogyan kell helyesen etetni egy kutyát egész életében?

Hogyan kell helyesen etetni egy kutyát egész életében?


A newborn puppy feeds on mother’s milk and receives all the necessary substances from it. Three weeks after birth, he needs complementary foods. To stop breastfeeding, the puppy is prepared in advance, as it grows, increasing the amount of complementary foods. From two months old, you can feed your puppy ready-made food – for example, Pedigree For puppies of all breeds. It is created taking into account the nuances of puppy digestion, it is easy to digest and ensures the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Special food for puppies is available in the lines of all major manufacturers – Pro Plan, Happy Dog, Dog Chow, Acana, Hill’s.

Growing dogs

At the age of two months to six months, the puppy begins the phase of the most rapid growth. He eats more than an adult. His food is also more nutritious than usual.

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To calculate the caloric intake for an adult dog, you need to take into account its weight, breed, and how energetic it is during the day.

At this age, the dog should eat twice a day. You need to pay attention to the shine of the coat and eyes, to the playfulness of the pet, and also to monitor the stool (it should be well formed, not too soft and not too dry) – all these are indicators of how well the diet is chosen. Pedigree For Adult Dogs of All Breeds Complete Beef Food is well suited for all pets. It helps maintain a balance of calcium and phosphorus to strengthen teeth. The linoleic acid and zinc in it ensure the health of the dog’s skin and coat. Vitamin E and zinc support the immune system. Food for adult dogs of different breeds and sizes is also available from Pro Plane, Acana, Barking Heads, Golden Eagle, Happy Dog.

Aging dogs

In old age, a dog needs less food than a young dog. Activity, and hence the amount of calories burned, decreases. Accordingly, you need to reduce the amount of calorie intake. Otherwise, the dog will start to gain weight, and this can lead to problems with the endocrine system.

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When a dog is expecting an offspring, the health of future puppies depends on its nutrition. Sometimes owners of pregnant dogs increase their diet at the earliest possible date. However, such haste is inappropriate. The volume of servings should be increased from the fifth week of pregnancy, every week by 10-15%. The number of meals increases from two to five times a day. A great need for food also remains all the time that the dog feeds the puppies. Finding a special food is not easy (Royal Canin, Pro Plan has one), so you can give pregnant and lactating dogs puppy food, as it has a high calorie content and digestibility.

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