Hogyan nevezzünk el egy kutyát?
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Hogyan nevezzünk el egy kutyát?

Hogyan nevezzünk el egy kutyát?

Let’s not dissemble: choosing a puppy’s nickname is a responsibility. And the point is not even that it forms the character of the pet (namely, this is what dog handlers say). The fact is that you, the owner of the dog, will repeat it several times a day for many years. There are several tricks to help you choose the best name for your dog.

Rule 1. Use short words

It is believed that dogs best recognize and perceive a command in two syllables. Therefore, the first and key rule: the maximum length of the nickname should not exceed two syllables (vowels are considered). For example, the long Roxanne is easily shortened to the sonorous Roxy, and Geraldino becomes Jerry, etc.

Rule 2. Pay attention to the color of the pet

This is the most obvious solution to the problem of choosing a nickname. Black, white, red or spotted are all individual characteristics of your puppy. Feel free to experiment with the translation of color names into other languages, as well as the associations that you have when they are presented. So, for example, a simple Chernysh can become Mavros (from the Greek μαύρος – “black”) or Blacky (from the English black – “black”), and Ginger – Ruby (ruby) or Sunny (from the English sunny – “sunny” ).

Rule 3. Don’t use nicknames that resemble commands

This is especially important if you intend to train a dog. The command should not confuse the animal. For example, at first glance, the harmless nickname Matt, simple and quite sonorous, turns out to be very similar to the forbidding “no”. The same applies to the commands “Aport” (nickname Accord) or “Face” (for example, Fan).

Rule 4. Look for inspiration in books and films

Countless four-legged heroes are found in literature and cinema: from Kashtanka and Dingo to Balto and Abva. This trick will not only refresh your knowledge of literature and cinema, but will once again emphasize your erudition.

Rule 5. Watch your puppy

What is he like: active or calm, affectionate or cautious? These character traits of a dog may lead you to think about its name.

There is another trick: slowly name consonants or syllables and look at the pet’s reaction. If he shows interest (turns his head, looks at you), include this sound in the nickname.

A similar technique, for example, was used by the characters in the film Beethoven.

In the end, having chosen several nicknames, try experimenting: what derivatives of them you can come up with, how concise and simple they sound, and most importantly, how the dog reacts to them.

Choosing a nickname is a creative process, and it is limited only by your imagination. Having shown attentiveness and sensitivity in relation to the pet, you will certainly make the right choice.

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