Hogyan lehet megszabadulni a kutya vizelet szagától?
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Hogyan lehet megszabadulni a kutya vizelet szagától?

Hogyan lehet megszabadulni a kutya vizelet szagától?

Remedies for dog urine odor

Nature has taken care of the persistence of the smell of dog urine, so if the pet has made a mistake, the owners begin to puzzle over how to get rid of this smell. A sharp ammonia “aroma” is absorbed literally into every square meter of the room and becomes unbearable, so the source should be identified and neutralized as soon as possible.

The easiest way to resort to the use of special neutralizers, which are sold in pet stores. These products in the form of a spray in their chemical composition contain enzymes (enzymes) that completely break down urea and fetid odor molecules. They do not leave greasy marks and streaks and cope with odors of any level of persistence. Timely use will prevent the dog from re-trying to mark the area of ​​uXNUMXbuXNUMXbthe room that she liked.

If there is a desire to minimize the use of household chemicals, improvised means can always come to the rescue, which are no less effective.

To begin with, remember that smells are volatile, so not only the place of pollution, but the whole space can be saturated with them. To completely get rid of the obsessive “aroma”, it is necessary to carry out a large-scale washing and ventilate the room. Curtains, rugs and other fabric items are best washed using powders and conditioners. Upholstery is a little trickier and can’t be machine-rolled, so treat it with a soapy or powdered solution (if possible) and go over it with a brush.

How to remove the smell of dog urine on the carpet and floor coverings?

It is enough to open your first aid kit in the kitchen to understand how to remove the smell of dog urine from the floor and how to remove it from the carpet.

  1. Everyone in the house will surely have kálium-permanganát. Just dilute a small amount of this substance with water and treat the stain with the solution. The procedure can be carried out several times until the pollution and smell completely disappear. Be careful, because manganese has strong coloring properties, do not use it to clean light coatings.

  2. In search of an answer to the question of how else you can remove the smell of dog urine from the carpet, pay attention to jód. Dilute a few drops of iodine with water and apply to the source of the unpleasant odor. It is better to use a spray gun – so the solution is more evenly distributed over the surface. You don’t need to rinse anything: the iodine will evaporate very quickly and remove the urea crystals.

  3. A more aggressive but very effective remedy for urine odor is klór. Unlike iodine and manganese, it can be used on light-colored floors and any fabrics. Dilute a small amount of chlorine in warm water and treat the surface. It is recommended to first apply a small amount of the solution to a hidden area of ​​the material to ensure that the procedure is safe for this coating.

  4. To eliminate odors from smooth surfaces, you can use the usual mosogatószer. It copes well even with persistent aromas and perfectly cleans parquet or linoleum. Shake it to a thick foam and treat the area. Then simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and let dry.

  5. If the stain is not fresh and the smell has already been absorbed into the wood flooring, use also iodine solution or wine vinegar solution (in ratio with water 1:1). Soak a cloth in the solution and let it sit on the stain for a few minutes for best results, then wipe the surface with water.

Hogyan lehet megszabadulni a kutya vizelet szagától?

How to get dog urine smell out of sofa?

If the smell of dog urine has permeated your sofa, there are several ways to easily get it out of the fabric upholstery.

  1. Use alcohol or alcoholic liquids (for example, vodka). Prepare a solution of vodka or alcohol and water in a ratio of 1 to 1, and then spray liberally on the stain. The alcohol evaporates quickly, so no additional rinsing is necessary. Wait until the area is completely dry and repeat the procedure if necessary.

  2. No less effective in this situation will be hidrogén-peroxid. It does not corrode the fabric and gently help to eliminate the problem. It does not need to be diluted in water, just apply a sufficient amount of liquid to a rag and treat the contaminated surface. You can leave the rag on the sofa for about twenty minutes, and then treat this place with water. It is not recommended to use hydrogen peroxide on dark and shedding fabrics, as it can bleach them. Check paint stability in a safe area of ​​the upholstery.

  3. The most versatile and budget-friendly way to remove dog urine smell from a couch is to mosó szappan. It has high cleaning properties and does not damage fabrics. It is necessary to prepare a soap solution: rub the soap with shavings and dilute in warm water. Then apply with a sponge to the surface and rub it well. Leave the treated surface for an hour and then rinse with water or wipe with a damp cloth. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated for the complete disappearance of the unpleasant odor.

Hogyan lehet megszabadulni a kutya vizelet szagától?

Folk remedies for the smell of dog urine

In the struggle for the cleanliness of the room and a pleasant smell in the house, folk remedies can always come to the rescue. They can be found in the kitchen of any of us. This is about:

  • szóda;

  • vinegar essence;

  • citromsav.

Szóda Great for fresh urine stains, helping to reduce surface contamination and prepare it for cleaning with more drastic methods. Pour about 100 grams of soda powder on the contaminated area and leave for half an hour. During this time, the soda will absorb excess moisture. For greater efficiency of this method, you can pour a little hydrogen peroxide on top. This creates a very active chemical reaction that practically splits off the urine crystals from the coating. After drying, vacuum the surface or use a brush to remove the remaining soda. It is not necessary to use too much substance, as this will not speed up the cleansing process, but will only add trouble during the collection of excess.

For a more radical odor removal asztali ecet. It is best to use wine essence, but regular essence will also work. Vinegar does an excellent job of eliminating the smell of urine and its source. Dilute vinegar with water in a ratio of 1 to 3 and soak a rag or sponge in the solution. Rub the dirt vigorously, and then leave it to soak for half an hour. Be sure to ventilate the room during cleaning so as not to inhale vinegar fumes. After drying, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and forget about the unpleasant smell.

In the fight against the smell of dog urine, a good remedy is considered citromsav, and even better – freshly squeezed juice of one lemon. Dogs can’t stand the smell of citrus, so this method will help not only eliminate the bad smell, but also discourage your pet from the habit of pooping in the house. Dissolve a couple of teaspoons of citric acid in water or juice from one large lemon and treat the stain, scrub a little with a brush or sponge, then let the surface dry completely. This method works even on old stains.

Understanding dog behavior

If you notice that your pet went to the toilet in the wrong place:

  1. It is worth to shame him for his misdeed. As a rule, dogs are quick-witted, and the feeling of guilt for what they have done will discourage them from ruining the floor or furniture next time.

  2. Do not shout at the pet too much, just express your indignation and point to the crime scene.

  3. For an additional effect, to wean the dog from the desire to mark walls and furniture, use special repellents. They need to be sprayed wherever the pet is used to leaving marks.

Pay attention to the behavior of the dog in general, because there are several understandable reasons behind the desire to leave their marks anywhere:

  • Most often, a dog may mark the territory of your apartment due to the fact that it is not walked regularly enough. If a puppy or an adult dog goes for a walk enough times, then they get used to the daily routine and go to the toilet at certain hours.

  • The dog needs proper training and education. A poorly educated dog will neglect your wishes and, without a twinge of conscience, mark all the corners that she likes. Pay attention to the pet’s habits and habits, work out weaknesses or hire a professional dog handler who will teach the animal noble manners using proven methods.

  • In some cases, the dog should be taken to the veterinarian. It is possible that the cause of frequent urination is some kind of inflammatory disease.

Hogyan lehet megszabadulni a kutya vizelet szagától?

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