How to choose shoes for dogs?
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How to choose shoes for dogs?

It is worth noting that most often the owners purchase shoes for dogs of small breeds: someone decorates the pet in this way, and someone takes care of its protection. One way or another, shoes for dogs of large breeds are also an indispensable accessory.

Why do you need shoes?

First of all, it protects the pet’s paws: in winter – from the cold, in autumn – from puddles and dirt, and in summer it can protect the dog from stones and insect bites.

Also, this accessory is very helpful from the effects of chemicals that treat asphalt in cold weather against the formation of ice. Very often, chemicals burn and corrode the delicate skin of the dog’s paw pads.

Rescue service dogs almost always wear special boots – they protect their paws from splinters and sharp objects in places of destruction.

Types of shoes:

  • Dekoratív. A great option for exhibitions or holidays, if the owner wants to decorate and dress up his pet;

  • Napi. These shoes are worn for walking. Boots differ depending on the season: in summer it can be open sandals, in autumn – shoes made of rubberized waterproof material, in winter – insulated models with fur;

  • Sport. Such shoes are worn by sledding, hunting and rescue dogs. It is designed specifically for their needs, with a thick sole and protective bindings;

  • Knitted, home. Most often, these are soft shoes for small dogs that are cold at home.

To make the shoes comfortable and the dog feel comfortable, when choosing shoes, pay attention to some features:

  • Choose from high quality materials. The upper can be made of suede, leather, light ventilated fabrics, and the sole can be made of rubberized materials;

  • The toes of boots for dogs must be hard, otherwise the pet can simply tear them with its claws;

  • It is desirable that the shoes were on Velcro or zippers. Lacing can be used as a decorative element;

  • Rhinestones, bows, feathers and other colorful decorations may interest the dog, and she will even try to taste them. This should be monitored and, if possible, preference should be given to shoes without poorly fixed small elements that the dog can bite off and swallow;

  • Dogs can wear shoes no younger than six months, and sometimes even a year, so as not to deform the developing joints;

  • The longer the dog’s feet and hands, the higher the shoes should be. So, one model is unlikely to fit a miniature Pomeranian and Italian greyhound.

Hogyan válasszuk ki a méretet?

Of course, it is best to try on the dog’s favorite boots right in the store. But, if this is not possible, do not worry. You need to measure the length of your pet’s foot.

To do this, put the dog on a blank sheet of paper and circle its front paws along with the claws. This will be the length and width of the pet’s foot. If in doubt, you can do the same with the hind legs, but they are usually smaller. Next, the dog shoe size chart will help you navigate. Each manufacturer offers its own.

The smallest sizes are in dwarf decorative dogs weighing up to 1,5–1,7 kg: Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier.

How to train a dog to shoes?

Whatever comfortable and “correct” model you choose, if the dog is not used to wearing boots, the effort will be wasted.

It is necessary to start training as early as puppyhood, as soon as the veterinarian allows. Light house socks are suitable for this. The first “wearing sessions” should only last a few minutes, gradually increasing the time until the dog gets used to it.

If the dog tries to pull off his socks, stop the attempts with a stern voice, try to distract him with the game. As soon as the pet has stopped paying attention to the shoes, give him a treat, praise and caress. The best way to learn is through positive reinforcement.

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