Hogyan válasszunk macskatenyésztőt?
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Hogyan válasszunk macskatenyésztőt?

There are several signs by which unscrupulous breeders can be identified.

The breeder refuses a personal meeting

In order to make a decision about buying a kitten, it is necessary not only to see his photo, but also to talk with the breeder, talk with the kitten, look at the conditions of detention, read the documents. If the breeder clearly avoids meeting in person, there is a good chance that some of these points (or even all) are not in order.

The best place to look for breeders is at cat shows. There you can chat with the breeder and his pets.

Refuses to show documents and health certificates of the kitten

In this case, one cannot be sure not only of the health of the baby and his parents, but also of the purebred breed. Before purchasing an animal, it is necessary to check with the breeder for the availability of documents confirming the existence of his cattery, as well as the pedigree and veterinary passport of the kitten.

You are under pressure to buy

Unscrupulous cat breeders do not like to procrastinate and miss out on profits. If you are in doubt, they may start offering discounts, saying that this is the best offer, or even threatening and exerting psychological pressure. It is not worth continuing further dialogue with such breeders.

Does not show all kittens, their parents and where they live

Of course, genetics plays an important role in shaping the character, but the environment in which the kitten grows is also important for the development of the pet. Therefore, it is important to know that the animals under the responsibility of this breeder live in cleanliness and comfort.

Cannot tell about the breed, features of care and maintenance

Cat breeders who do not know all the nuances of caring for a particular breed are most likely only concerned with material gain, and not maintaining the purity of the breed. A good breeder will welcome questions about how to care for the animal and what to look out for, this is a sign that you are serious about making a new friend. He will be able to advise you on necessary vaccinations and other aspects of pet care.

Offers a too small kitten

Socialization is a very long process, but its foundations are laid in childhood. Through playing with brothers and sisters, watching the mother and communicating with people, the kitten learns about life, learns to interact with the outside world, people and animals, and take care of itself. If a kitten is weaned from its mother too early and brought up in an environment of people, it will experience difficulties in communication and behavior, may show aggression or, conversely, be very afraid of everything.

Mire érdemes még odafigyelni?

If you plan to purchase a kitten for further participation in exhibitions, you should make sure that the breeder also takes part in them. Shows require a lot of dedication, time and money, so those cat breeders who have a lot of experience in shows are likely to be conscientious. Ask to see awards and cups, he will probably proudly talk about the victories of his favorites.

You should not buy a kitten from an ad in the newspaper. Respectable breeders do not need such advertising for their kennels. In popular catteries, sometimes there is even a pre-registration for unborn kittens.

Remember that no one can give a complete guarantee that the pet will not get sick. He may have any congenital diseases that cannot be diagnosed at an early age. However, conscientious cat breeders, as a rule, help their customers with any problems, because this is also important for their reputation.

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