Hogyan válasszunk karabinert pórázhoz?
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Hogyan válasszunk karabinert pórázhoz?

A carabiner is an element with which a leash is fastened to a collar. And one of the most common reasons for changing ammunition is broken fittings. Even good models of leashes may contain a carabiner that is not suitable for use.

Gyakori problémák:

  1. Too weak a carabiner easily breaks or comes unfastened. This is a common reason for a dog to slip off the leash.

  2. A large massive carabiner is also not suitable. Active pets may experience discomfort when running and exercising – heavy carabiners hit animals painfully on the back.

  3. Tight carabiners with a bad spring will not unfasten well.

  4. A spring that, on the contrary, is pressed too easily, can also cause the pet to break off the leash – the dog can accidentally unfasten the leash with the help of the collar ring that has fallen on the lever.

  5. Poor quality swivel. The mechanism, which should allow the carabiner to spin, in the event of a malfunction, on the contrary, will twist the leash.

When choosing a rifle, you should not only evaluate the mechanism of its work, but also the material from which it is made.

What are carbines made from?

  1. Silumin – an alloy of aluminum and silicon, despite its prevalence, is considered not a very successful material. It is brittle and fragile and breaks easily. It is not difficult to recognize a silumin carabiner: this alloy is easy to cast, and the models made from it are distinguished by an unusual and original shape. If you see a beautiful figured carbine, with a high degree of probability we can say that it is made of silumin.

  2. Steel is heavier than silumin, it is a strong and reliable material. Its only drawback is that over time, the steel carabiner rusts.

  3. Brass is also used in the manufacture of carbines. Durable plastic alloy of copper and tin is not subject to corrosion. The brass carabiner will last long enough. Do not be alarmed if over time it becomes covered with a greenish coating, this does not affect its working qualities.

  4. Bronze is the least commonly used in the manufacture of carbines – it is darker than brass. Bronze fittings are distinguished by quality and reliability, but a significant disadvantage is its price – bronze carbines are much more expensive than all the others.

Carabiner shape

One of the most versatile forms of carabiner is the hook with a small lever and swivel. This is the classic model that is the most common. With the right size, it will fit almost any pet.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the so-called climbing carbine, which is a link with a twisting clutch. This type of carabiners is suitable for especially active large dogs, as it is distinguished by increased reliability and difficulty in removing. However, for a climbing carabiner, you must separately purchase a swivel that will not allow the leash to twist.

The carabiner can be bought separately or together with the collar. Choose ammunition according to its purpose. A particularly strong carabiner is needed during training and at exhibitions – in situations where it is necessary to control the dog. In everyday life, you can use simpler and lighter models.

It is also important to choose ammunition in accordance with the nature of the pet. Small, quiet and calm dogs do not need massive heavy carbines.

They will fit a small elegant accessories that will not weigh down the design of the collar and leash.

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