Yorkshire terrier beszerzése

Yorkshire terrier beszerzése

The Yorkshire Terrier is a favorite of many dog ​​lovers. He is adored because he knows his own worth, but is also devoted to his owners, quite compact, and he needs very little space. It is interesting to play with him, and watching is a real pleasure, because the dog is cute and very graceful. Like any pet, the Yorkshire Terrier needs to be cared for. There are several rules on how to do it right. In principle, this breed is quite unpretentious. Yorkies do not care where they live: in a luxurious mansion or a small apartment. The main thing is that there are good and beloved hosts nearby.

Since the breed itself is not large, there is a danger that you may not notice the pet and inadvertently step on it, causing harm. There is one more warning: when you want to caress this cutie, you need to measure strength, because the miniature dog is too fragile. Because of these nuances, dog handlers do not recommend buying a Yorkshire Terrier if there are small children in the house. Special care must be taken with puppies. They are the most vulnerable. If you drop a still fragile Yorkie, the consequences can be the saddest.

There are many advantages to keeping this breed, especially if the owners are very busy people. When such a terrier appeared in the house, you can prepare a tray for him by borrowing the last one from the cat. Puppies usually learn to use it easily. Owners buy special toilet diapers for Yorkies. All this will come in handy when it is cold outside or it is raining heavily, as a result of which a small dog will not be able to walk and relieve his needs. But at other times it would be cruel to deprive a cheerful and playful Yorkie of walks, since he is very mobile and energetic.

Winter lasts relatively long, so it is necessary to take the dog out for a walk, despite the cold. In this case, a warm cozy jumpsuit will help out, which will not let the baby freeze. We must not forget that because of the short legs, the body of the dog is located very close to the cooled ground. If the pet has to travel with the owner, you can also purchase a special bag.

Owners of the Yorkshire Terrier are required to care for his coat. It requires periodic attention and hygiene procedures. For combing, you will need a special special brush so that the wool does not get tangled, and tangles do not appear. In addition, it takes time and desire. If these procedures cause irritation, and you don’t want to devote time to them, then it’s better to get a dog of a different breed.

Long hair requires a special approach, especially if the dog takes part in exhibitions. In this case, you definitely need shampoos specifically for such a coat, so that it looks shiny and healthy. You will also need a special oil to nourish the hairs with the necessary substances.

There are a number of haircuts for Yorkshire Terriers, but only if the dog does not take part in exhibitions. The most typical haircut is when all the hair is cut off on the underside of the tail, and a little on the bottom of the belly. Wool on other areas can be of any length. The procedure should be repeated every three to four months.

The eyes of a pet must also be constantly looked after so that conjunctivitis does not occur. Yorkies often have dust and dirt in the corners of their eyes, which must be removed in time. Of course, at the same time, hands should be clean, and cotton swabs should always be prepared. You need to moisten them to wipe your eyes only in boiled warm water. You can also prepare a weak decoction of chamomile or warm tea.

The hair on the muzzle also requires care. Being too long, it gets into the eyes, so it needs to be combed periodically. The ears should also not be left unattended by the owners. In order to clean the ear canal, cotton swabs come in handy. But there is no need to show special zeal, because sulfur in small quantities protects the passage from pathogenic microorganisms getting inside. Special scissors will need to remove hair, if it is in the external auditory canal, so that dangerous diseases do not develop, such as otitis media. The condition of the teeth also needs to be checked. Clean them gently with a brush so as not to damage the oral cavity.

When purchasing a dog, be sure to ask if it has been vaccinated. All vaccinations must be done at the age of the puppy.

Yorkies are unpretentious in food, but their diet should be varied: meat, vegetables, cereals, cottage cheese. Sweets are strictly forbidden to them, you should not give fried and smoked food, lard and very fatty meat, as dogs also have liver diseases. Bones that a terrier can chew should not be given, because sharp fragments, once in the stomach, can injure it. Ready-to-eat Yorkies are very fond of. But they should not be the basis of nutrition, although they must be present in the diet so that important substances for health enter the body: calcium, iron, phosphorus and other elements.

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