Characteristics of Cymrick

Származási országKanada
Gyapjú típusHosszú haj
Magasság32 cm-ig
Súly3.5 7 kg-os
Kor9-13 éves
Cymrick Characteristics

Rövid információ

  • Some felinologists consider the Cymric to be a long-haired variant of the Manx breed;
  • These cats are playful, calm and sociable;
  • The breed was given the nickname “little bear”;
  • The length of the tail ranges from 1.5 cm to 8 cm.


The Cymric cannot be confused with any other cat breed, except perhaps with their closest relatives, the Manx. Although the latter are short-haired. For a long time it was believed that the Cymric cat is the same Manx, but with long hair, and only in the 1980s did Canadian breeders achieve recognition of the Cymric as a separate species.

Representatives of this breed are amazing cats. Outwardly, they look like cubs: a round muzzle, a stocky body, long thick hair and a small or no tail. The running Cymrik is also impressive. Cats of this breed have developed hind legs, which are noticeably longer than the front ones. Due to this genetic feature, the run of a Cymric is more like a jumping hare or rabbit.

Charming appearance corresponds to the character of the Cymrian cat. She is kind, funny and friendly. Cymrik won’t unleash his claws or attack for no reason. In addition, these cats become attached to a person, but do not bother him and do not require constant attention to themselves. They are quite self-reliant and independent.


Cymrik gets along easily with other animals, including dogs . With children, these pets quickly find a common language and become best friends. True, excessive activity of babies can tire the animal. In this case, the Cymrik will try to calmly exit the game.

Representatives of the breed are those cats that love water, especially if they are accustomed to care procedures from childhood. In addition, they are famous for their ability to jump high. In this, they can even compete with the Kurilian Bobtail , which is known for its jumping ability.


Cymriks have thick, long hair. This means that they require more thorough care than the Manx. Once a week, with the help of a special brush, the cat should be combed , removing the fallen hairs. And during the molting period, this procedure must be repeated every two to three days.

Since Cymrics love water, there will be no problems with hygiene. But don’t bathe your cat too often, especially if she doesn’t go outside. Water procedures should be carried out as needed, using special shampoos for long-haired animals.

A fogva tartás feltételei

Cymrik can walk on a harness under the supervision of the owner. Otherwise, the friendliness, kindness and sociability of this cat can play a trick on her.

Cymric nutrition should be balanced. Choose a quality food that will satisfy your pet’s need for vitamins and minerals. It is also important to monitor the activity of the cat and its physical form.

Cymriks are quite difficult to breed. To get healthy kittens (without back developmental anomalies), the breeder must select parents very carefully. Only as a result of the right combination, healthy and strong animals are born.

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