Olyan macskafajták, amelyek nem okoznak allergiát
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Olyan macskafajták, amelyek nem okoznak allergiát

Olyan macskafajták, amelyek nem okoznak allergiát

What is the cause of cat allergies?

Contrary to popular, but fundamentally incorrect, opinion, cat hair itself is not the causative agent of allergies. In fact, the cause of cat allergy lies in the specific protein Fel D1. It is secreted through the sebaceous glands, contained in the saliva and urine of the animal. It is this feline protein that provokes allergic reactions.

There is also an opinion that cats with long hair are more harmful and dangerous for allergy sufferers than pets with short hair. In fact, this is not so, because absolutely every cat has sebaceous glands. In addition, science has not proven a connection between a cat’s ability to cause allergies and how long its coat is.

However, it is quite logical that the less wool, the less foci of the distribution of allergens. Abundant molting is unusual for bald and short-haired breeds, which is why they are considered preferable for allergy sufferers.

Magatartási szabályok

Even with cats that do not exacerbate allergies, one should not forget about preventive measures: you should wash your hands thoroughly after contact with an animal, rinse bowls and toys of a cat every day with water, bathe a pet with shampoo at least once a week and wet cleaning all rooms weekly where the cat is.


This is the most popular breed group in people with allergies. The appearance of sphinxes is exotic. They attract attention with a thin tail and large ears. Of interest is also such a feature of them as an increased body temperature – 38–39 ° C, due to which the cat can serve as a heating pad for the owner. In addition, sphinxes lend themselves well to training and are very attached to their owners.

Balinéz macska

She is a Balinese or Balinese – a kind of Siamese cat. Interestingly, kittens of this breed are born white and only over time acquire a characteristic color. The wool of the Balinese is of medium length, thin, without undercoat.

Despite the small, graceful, slightly elongated body, Balinese cats have well-developed muscles. By nature, they are emotional, talkative, quickly and strongly attached to the owner.

jávai macska

Outwardly, the breed resembles a mixture of Sphynx and Maine Coon. A long nose, wide-set eyes, large ears and a huge fluffy tail are the main distinguishing features of the Javanese. The color can be very different: solid, silver, tortoiseshell, smoky and so on.

As a child, Javanese cats are extremely curious, as they grow older they become calmer, but they do not completely lose their playfulness. They love space, are a little stubborn, often require affection and love their owners.

Devon rex

Unusual cat with short wavy hair. It has a flattened muzzle and large ears, its tail is small, and its eyes are slightly bulging. Outwardly, even an adult looks like a kitten.

Representatives of the breed are easy to train, take root well in city apartments, like to climb various hills, including people.

Keleti macska

This breed comes in two types: short-haired and long-haired. An adult cat of this breed resembles a Javanese and has the same elongated nose, narrow cheekbones and very large ears.

Orientals are inquisitive, active and friendly, they appreciate the company of the owner and are ready to take part in all his affairs. Loneliness is not tolerated well, so they are hardly suitable for owners who disappear all day at work.

Fontos tudni

Listed above are the breeds with which an exacerbation of an allergy is least likely. However, even they can cause a painful reaction to the protein mentioned above.

In any case, allergy-prone cat owners should definitely undergo an extensive allergy testing to determine the likely sources of the symptoms of the disease.

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