ausztrál juhászkutya (ausztrál)
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ausztrál juhászkutya (ausztrál)

Characteristics of Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

Származási országUSA
A méretközepes
Növekedés46 - 58 cm
Súly16 - 32 kg
Kor12-15 év
FCI fajtacsoportA cowherd
ausztrál juhászkutya (ausztrál)


The Australian Shepherd is also known as the “little blue dog” because of the merle color characteristic of this breed.Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog bred to protect herds. Distinguishing features of the breed: lively temper, attentiveness and extraordinary physical strength. A specific breed feature is a naturally docked tail.

Australian Shepherd comes in 4 colors :

  • piros
  • red with burns
  • kék merle 
  • fekete

Australian Shepherds are ideally suited for life in rural areas and need a competent owner.Now, Australian shepherds work not only as shepherds, but also as sportsmen, service dogs and drug sniffers.Since Australian Shepherds are extremely mobile, they need serious physical activity, otherwise the dog will show destructive behavior. If you start a dog for life in the city, it is better to avoid Australian Shepherd working breeds – they will have a hard time in the city.

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