How to give a cat a pill – 5 ways and tips

How to give a cat a pill – 5 ways and tips

Method 1. Add to food

Many owners try to “deceive” the cat by slipping her a pill with food. If the drug is in its whole form, then most likely the animal will spit it out or leave it in a bowl, and eat the rest safely. The solution may be to grind the drug to a powder state. In addition, two conditions must be met:

  • wait for the time when the cat is very hungry (this will dull her taste buds a little, at least for the first few seconds);
  • mix the powder with a small amount of food (having satisfied your hunger with the first portions, a mustachioed friend can leave part of the medicine in a bowl).

Warning: Not all medicines can be taken with food!

How to give a cat a pill - 5 ways and tips

A tablet in food is the trickiest way, but not suitable for all drugs.

Method 2. Give in powder

Most cats perfectly feel the admixture of foreign substances in food and refuse to eat, up to a hunger strike. If this is your case, then try grinding the tablet to a powder, and then pour it into the cat’s mouth.

Of course, you don’t need to wait for a voluntary opening of the mouth – just put your palm on your pet’s head and squeeze her cheekbones from both sides (from the side of the molars). The animal reflexively opens its mouth, at this moment you need to quickly pour the powder deeper, close the mouth, hold for 2-3 seconds.

How to give a cat a pill - 5 ways and tips

There was something wrong with this food, I’m not happy!

Method 3. Dissolve the tablet in liquid

A cat, although partially, can spit out a tablet in the form of a powder, so it is better to first dissolve the powder in a small amount of liquid. Do not add it to drinking water or milk, it is enough to dissolve in 5-7 ml of ordinary water.

In liquid form, the medicine can be given from a spoon, opening the cat’s mouth in the manner described in the previous paragraph. Or draw it into a clean syringe (without a needle), stick the nozzle of the syringe into the mouth on the side between the molars and pour the contents.

Method 4. Put in the mouth

There are drugs that cannot be crushed or given in parts. There is only one way out – just open the pet’s mouth and put a pill in it. What actions will be required for the cat to reflexively open its jaws is described above. It should only be added that the tablet should be placed as far as possible on the root of the tongue to stimulate the swallowing reflex. After – also close the mouth of the pet and hold it in this position for 2-3 seconds.

How to give a cat a pill - 5 ways and tips

How rough!

Method 5. Use a tablet maker

To facilitate the task of swallowing the medicine, a special device will help – a tablet dispenser, or a piller. In appearance and principle of operation, it resembles a syringe, but instead of a needle, it has a long soft tube. To give a tablet to a cat, it is enough to insert the medicine into the tip of the tube, open the animal’s mouth, and then press on the plunger. Under the action of air, the drug will be at the destination.

Note: such a device is sold at a veterinary pharmacy or pet store. However, it can be made independently by cutting off the bottom of a plastic syringe of the desired diameter.

How to give a cat a pill - 5 ways and tips

We use a tablet maker

How to give a cat a pill - 5 ways and tips

A very obedient cat who loves pills

What is the best position to give the pill?

Few owners know how to properly give a pill to a cat. There is an opinion that you just need to throw back or raise her head. This should not be done, since the medicine – even in the form of a liquid or powder – can enter the respiratory tract, and the animal will choke.

What to do if the cat scratches and breaks out

If the pet behaves aggressively, it is better to enlist someone’s support to hold the limbs of the animal. Another option (if everything is completely hopeless) is to wrap the cat in a towel, sheet or large cloth. You need to wrap it so that only the head remains outside (extremely carefully when it comes to a pregnant cat).

How to make a cat swallow a pill

Some mustachioed quadrupeds manage to keep the pill in their mouth for a while and then spit it out, therefore, having closed the cat’s jaws, you need to make several stroking movements along the esophagus – from top to bottom along the front surface of the animal’s neck. Another way is to blow your pet’s nose. This will also lead to a swallowing reflex. Be sure to check the result by examining the oral cavity of the trickster.

After the treatment is successfully completed, do not forget to caress your pet and please with something tasty. If for some reason it is not possible to give the medicine, you need to contact the veterinarian.

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