शीर्ष 5 कुत्तों की नस्लें जो लंबे समय तक घर में अकेले रह सकती हैं I
चयन और अधिग्रहण

शीर्ष 5 कुत्तों की नस्लें जो लंबे समय तक घर में अकेले रह सकती हैं I

चाउ चाउ

उद्गम देश: चीन

विकास: from 46 to 50 cm at the withers

वजन: 23 से 32 किग्रा तक

आयु 8-10 साल

The Chow Chow is a well-known ancient breed of dog. These animals have long been an integral part of the Chinese imperial court, where they were brought by the Tatar-Mongols as a gift to the ruler of the Celestial Empire. They were popular even before that: the first chow-chow figurines found date back to the XNUMXnd millennium BC!

But, of course, not a rich history of this breed allows these fluffy dogs to endure loneliness calmly. The thing is that Chow Chows are very wayward, independent animals. For some time, experts did not even recommend training them! Chow Chows feel comfortable making decisions separately from the owner, and may well survive the working day alone in the apartment, although they will be glad to see their man in the evening.

शिकारी कुत्ता

उद्गम देश: इंगलैंड

विकास: from 33 to 38 cm at the withers

वजन: 18 से 25 किग्रा तक

आयु 10-12 साल

The Basset Hound is a historically aristocratic dog breed. These beautiful eared animals were bred by the French for hunting. Thanks to their short stature, Basset Hounds were excellent at catching trails and even helping to find truffles, which other breeds of hounds could not boast of. After some time, these animals became more “democratic” and popular around the world.

In general, most hunting breeds, including Russian greyhounds, greyhounds, Irish wolfhounds and basset hounds, have a calm and original character. If the owners of such pets give their four-legged friends enough physical and mental activity in their free time, they will easily survive the many hours of their owner’s work day alone.


उद्गम देश: यूनाइटेड किंगडम

विकास: from 61 to 73 cm at the withers

वजन: 45 से 60 किग्रा तक

आयु 8 से 10 साल से

Bullmastiffs are extremely balanced, peaceful dogs. They are very devoted to their owners, and despite their temperate nature, they readily respond to any danger or aggression against their person. Due to their size and inner strength, such dogs need competent, consistent training and an owner personality that can command respect from their pet.

Despite the fact that bullmastiffs in anger can be very fast and literally destroy everything in their path, in everyday life these animals have a measured, slightly lazy approach to everyday life. They will gladly wait for the owner in the apartment, without causing drama and pogroms. However, this should not be abused – without sufficient activity, bullmastiffs can gain excess weight.

जैक रसेल टेरियर

उद्गम देश: इंगलैंड

विकास: from 25 to 30 cm at the withers

वजन: 5 से 8 किग्रा तक

आयु 14 वर्षों के लिए

The Jack Russell Terrier is an English hunting dog breed that became popular in the XNUMXth century. At this time, dogs of the breed, named after their creator John Russell, became common throughout Europe and won love in different countries of the world. Historically, these animals were created for hunting foxes through long selection and improvement.

Like other hound breeds, Jack Russell Terriers are well-disciplined and can keep themselves in hand in the absence of the owner. However, the owners of these pets should remember that their four-legged friends have a huge supply of energy that simply needs to be spent. As a child, Jack Russells will definitely not be harmed by training from experienced dog handlers, and as they grow older, the owners of dogs of this breed should continue regular training and walks. If Jack Russell Terriers know their limits and have enough room to expend energy, they will be perfectly able to adjust to their human’s schedule.


उद्गम देश: मेक्सिको

विकास: 15 से 20 से.मी.

वजन: 1,8 से 2,7 किग्रा तक

आयु 12-15 साल

The Chihuahua is the smallest companion dog breed in the world. There is a theory that Chihuahuas were originally wild animals. They were tamed by the tribes that lived in Mexico, who considered dogs of this breed sacred and worshiped them. These animals are very smart, they can be both extremely independent and independent, and strongly attached to their master. If your Chihuahua pet is more of a calm, independent type of dog of this breed, you can shamelessly leave him alone in the apartment for a while. The secret to the adaptation and proper socialization of such animals is a good upbringing. It is advisable to teach a Chihuahua to discipline and order from a young age through training with positive reinforcement. In this case, your dog is not threatened by the disobedience and willfulness characteristic of this breed.

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