Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed

We are accustomed to the fact that Spitz is a small decorative dog, fluffy, with a fox muzzle and straight thin legs. But in fact, this is not just a breed of dogs, but a whole group of animals that have one common ancestor – the northern wolf.

All representatives of this group are somewhat similar to each other, but each of them has its own characteristics, they differ in color, size, character. But which breed has the smallest size?

The smallest Spitz is the Pomeranian, whose height is no more than 22 cm. But the rest of the representatives of this breed do not differ in significant sizes.

10 Eurasiar, up to 60 cm

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed Medium-sized German dog breed, stocky and strongly built. It can weigh from 18 to 32 kg, the height at the withers in males is from 52 to 60 cm, and in the female it is from 48 to 56 cm. यूरेशियर it cannot be white or brown, most often either red, or gray, or black.

A very loyal dog, which does not leave the owner a single step, is always ready to protect him. Very sociable, good-natured, cheerful, does not show aggression.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then a very stubborn breed, sensitive to punishment, touchy. Does not like to be alone, prefers noisy games.

Eurasians become attached to children, like to make fun with them, can be friends with other animals, including cats.

9. Finnish Spitz, up to 50 cm

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed In Russia, representatives of this breed are called and Karelian-Finnish Laika. This is a hunting dog that can hunt small fur-bearing animals, wild boar and some birds. Animals weigh from 7 to 13 kg, males are slightly larger – from 42 to 50 cm, and females from 38 to 46 cm.

The breed was bred for hunting, like most hunting dogs, they are very energetic, they need long walks, they tend to want to remain leaders, they are brave and reckless.

फिनिश स्पिट्ज – very noisy, likes to give a voice for any reason. Many people love this breed, because. its representatives are compact, do not take up much space, they are easy to transport.

The dog is medium in size, covered with fluffy hair of a beautiful “honey” shade. This is a cheerful and positive creature that does not tolerate rudeness. You can understand that the animal is annoyed by the tail, which straightens at this moment.

8. American Eskimo Dog, up to 48 cm

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed The breed appeared in the early twentieth century, when German Spitz were brought to the United States. At that time, anti-German principles were developing in America, so they were renamed अमेरिकी एस्किमो स्पिट्ज. Gradually, a new decorative breed was formed.

They weigh from 2,7 to 16 kg, they distinguish standard Eskimo Spitz, whose height can be up to 48 cm, as well as miniature ones – up to 38 cm and toy – up to 30 cm. They have a thick and soft coat only white, without spots. But a cream shade is allowed.

Very friendly, cheerful dogs, but can be excellent guards. The American Eskimo Spitz is disciplined, smart, performs commands well, quickly finds a common language with children, and can make friends with other animals.

It is considered one of the most obedient varieties of Spitz, not at all aggressive. They love to play in the snow, for them this is the most desirable entertainment.

7. Wolfspitz, up to 48 cm

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed Dogs are medium in size, grow up to 42-46 cm, but some individuals can stretch up to 55 cm, weigh from 25 to 30 kg. वोल्फस्पिट्ज, as the name already implies, they are similar in color to wolves, they are silver-gray in color. Dogs are not characterized by aggression, they are very smart and intelligent.

If you want to get a Wolfspitz, remember that they cannot stand loneliness, they will bark loudly and howl in an empty apartment. But they are excellent companions for walking, because. energy shoots out of them like a fountain. They love picnics, mushroom picking and any outings in nature, they are not afraid of water and can swim with their owners. Very charming and funny animals that can cheer up on the gloomiest day.

6. Grossspitz, up to 45 cm

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed उन्हें भी कहा जाता है big german spitz. They weigh from 17 to 22 kg, grow up to 40-50 cm at the withers. They can be brown, white and black. grossspitz – smart dogs, easy to train. They need long walks in the fresh air, as well as the owner nearby at any time of the day, because. they can’t stand being alone.

These are kind, well-mannered, active dogs that tolerate childish pranks and can become good guards. They can get along with other pets.

5. Japanese Spitz, up to 38 cm

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed A small fluffy dog ​​with snow-white hair, which weighs from 5 to 8 kg and grows no more than 28-36 cm. Their advantage is that they bark जापानी स्पिट्ज rarely, and if taught, they can completely abandon this habit. They love all members of their family, but avoid strangers, dependent on human attention.

They do not tolerate loneliness, if they are left alone, they will play pranks. Representatives of this breed have a snow-white coat, which they almost do not get dirty during walks, because. very neat.

These are positive, reserved dogs that can become ideal companions. Easy to get along with other dogs and pets, children. Japanese Spitz are great actors.

4. Mittelspitz, up to 35 cm

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed Belongs to the German Spitz familyमित्तलस्पिट्ज़"के रूप में अनुवाद किया जा सकता है"medium spitz“. Representatives of this breed have long hair, there is a collar, i.e. a woolly outgrowth resembling a mane. The muzzle is like a fox, the tail is very fluffy. The height at the withers is about 34 cm, these dogs weigh up to 12 kg.

The color can be of a very different color, spotted is also allowed. The Mittelspitz is an independent dog and remains active into old age. Very devoted to the whole family, but especially to the owner, she needs a lot of attention, affection and communication. Change of owner leads to a lot of stress.

A rather independent breed that can be alone for several hours. Dogs are very smart, hardy, courageous and active, they are distinguished by special curiosity.

3. Kleinspitz, up to 30 cm

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed This is also a German Spitz, which is called small, because. it is small in size – up to 23-29 cm, they weigh from 5 to 10 kg. They have a sharp, fox-like muzzle, fluffy hair with a lush mane and panties. Color may be different.

Very smart and capable dogs, active, energetic, they need constant walks. They often adapt to their masters, because. they become calm with older people, and in a family with children they can walk and play all day.

क्लेनस्पिट्ज – good-natured, sociable, but sometimes they become capricious and jealous, they constantly need affection and attention. They love to bark, they are called “bells”. They get along well with other animals and love children.

2. Italian Spitz, up to 30 cm

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed उसे भी कहा जाता है वोल्पिनो इटालियनो. This is a decorative dog of white or red color, which weighs from 3 to 4 kg. Growth in girls is from 25 to 28 cm, in boys – from 27 to 30 cm.

Italian Spitz – very cheerful and playful dog, unpretentious in care. But she does not tolerate loneliness, she constantly needs a host. Very attached to her family.

The most nimble among the Spitz, movement is vital for them. Optimists never get bored and do not let others get bored. The Italian Spitz gets along well with children, they can play with other pets.

1. Pomeranian, up to 22 cm

Top 10 smallest representatives of the Spitz breed A miniature dog is more like a toy. पोमेरेनियन स्पिट्ज weighs from 1,4 to 3,2 kg, its height is from 18 to 22 cm. He loves his master very much, he is always faithful to him. Can become the best friend for a little older children. He needs long walks and careful care.

The peculiarity of the Pomeranian is that he loves to bark, which can interfere with both his neighbors and the owner himself. If he is not brought up correctly, he will grow up stubborn. Good-natured, perky, curious pets who prefer active games. Gets along well with other animals.

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