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Characteristics of Javanese cat

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ऊंचाई25-28 सेमी
वजन2.5-5 किग्रा
आयु१ 13-२ ९ साल का
Javanese cat Characteristics

संक्षिप्त जानकारी

  • Although the Javanese has hair, the breed is considered to be suitable for people with allergies ;
  • The Javanese cat is considered a variety of the Oriental cat , which has long hair. The Javanese was the result of a cross between a Colorpoint Shorthair cat, a Balinese cat, and a Siamese cat ;
  • Breeders note that Javanese dogs are often noisy.


Javanese cats love their owners very much, they are strongly attached to them and cannot leave even for a minute. They like to constantly be close to a person, sleep in the master’s bed, sit on their hands. Like Siamese cats, Javanese cats are known for their stubbornness. They like to be the center of attention and keep things under control.

Representatives of the breed are very dexterous, smart and hardy cats. Kittens are always playing and climbing on scratching posts and trees with great pleasure. Some owners walk adult cats on a leash . According to experts, you should always leave at least one toy near the cat, otherwise the animal will start turning over everything in the room. The breed is clearly not suitable for pedantic and calm people.

Javanese copes well with loneliness, but when bored, he becomes naughty. A good option is to have two cats in the house so that they are always with each other. But you have to be on the lookout, because together they can create an even more destructive hurricane in the house.

Javanese cat Care

Like the Siamese breed, the Javanese cat cannot boast of good health. There is a risk of detecting congenital heart disease, asthma, and neurological problems can be detected. Experts note that these diseases can be transferred from generation to generation. In addition, Javanese often suffer from strabismus.

Javanese wool has its own unique features, thanks to which caring for a cat does not cause any problems. He has no undercoat, and the coat is very thin and soft, silky. Therefore, the owner needs to comb the pet only once a week, this will be enough. Bathe it infrequently, brush your teeth weekly, and check your eyes regularly and care for them as needed.

नजरबंदी की शर्तें

Due to the active lifestyle that the Javanese tries to maintain at all times, it is highly recommended to start one if the housing is quite spacious. Ideally, this should be a country house where the cat will have a lot of free space. These cats usually do not tolerate cramped rooms, although there are exceptions. In such cases, you must be prepared for the fact that the cat will be interested in things that cannot be touched.

If possible, you need to take your pet for a walk from time to time, for this you need to purchase a leash and harness in advance. Javanese cats love to play outdoors, they can be carried without problems. You should protect your pet from interacting with other cats, and even more so with dogs, otherwise the Javanese may get injured and require treatment.

A Javanese cat will be able to brighten up the life and leisure of its owner. It will not do without whims, but you need to get used to this and wean the cat to do what is forbidden to him.

Javanese cat – Video

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