How to wake up and bring a turtle out of hibernation at home

How to wake up and bring a turtle out of hibernation at home

How to wake up and bring a turtle out of hibernation at home

Hibernation of decorative turtles at home is a fairly rare occurrence. But, if the pet went for the winter, it is necessary to wake the turtle in March in order to avoid exhaustion and death of the pet. It is necessary to bring an exotic animal out of hibernation gradually in compliance with the temperature regime so as not to cause irreparable harm to the health of the reptile.

Basic rules for bringing pet turtles out of hibernation

For 3-4 months it wintered indoors at a temperature of + 6-10C, during the period of hibernation or hibernation, the pet lost about 10% of its weight. By the time the reptile leaves wintering, the body of the reptile is exhausted, therefore, in order to safely wake up the red-eared or Central Asian tortoise, it is necessary to carry out the following steps in stages.

Smooth temperature rise

In the wild, reptiles wake up with a gradual increase in air temperature, the same principle applies in March, when it is necessary to wake the turtle from hibernation. Within a week it is necessary to bring the temperature in the terrarium to + 20C, and then in 3-4 days to 30-32C. This process is done gradually, the container with the sleeping reptile is first transferred to a place with a temperature of 12C, then 15C, 18C, etc. You can not put a sleepy turtle in a terrarium with a temperature of + 32C, such a sharp drop will instantly kill the pet.


The body of an exotic animal after a long hibernation is severely depleted, in order to fully wake up a land tortoise, it is recommended that an awakened reptile take baths lasting 20-30 minutes in warm water with glucose. Water will saturate the body of the animal with life-giving moisture, the animal will excrete urine, hygiene procedures will raise the overall tone of the body. After bathing, a pet must be immediately placed in a warm terrarium, excluding the possibility of drafts.

In order to bring the red-eared turtle out of hibernation, after the stage of raising the temperature in the aquaterrarium, it is recommended to bathe the animal daily for 40-60 minutes in warm water for a week. It is strictly forbidden to collect a full aquarium of water from a sleepy reptile, which can choke and die.

The course of restorative drugs

The body of an exhausted turtle after waking up is susceptible to various infections, viruses and pathogenic fungi. During hibernation, the animal has lost a huge amount of energy and moisture, therefore, in order to bring the tortoise or red-eared turtle out of hibernation without complications, herpetologists prescribe a course of vitamin preparations and electrolytic solutions to the animal. These measures are aimed at restoring the required amount of fluid and stimulating the reptile’s defenses.

How to wake up and bring a turtle out of hibernation at home

ultraviolet irradiation

After waking up, water and land turtles turn on a source of ultraviolet radiation for reptiles for 10-12 hours.

How to wake up and bring a turtle out of hibernation at home

दूध पिलाने

If all the actions to awaken the reptile are carried out smoothly and correctly, after 5-7 days from the moment the pet wakes up from hibernation, the pet will begin to eat on its own.

The process of bringing a reptile out of hibernation does not always go smoothly, it is recommended to urgently consult a doctor in the following situations:

  • after the temperature rises, the animal does not wake up;
  • the pet does not pass urine;
  • the turtle does not eat;
  • the reptile’s eyes do not open;
  • the animal’s tongue is bright red.

The most important thing for bringing a turtle out of hibernation is warmth, lighting and the patience of the owner. After the right awakening, the reptiles continue to enjoy life and delight all family members.

How to bring a red-eared or terrestrial turtle out of hibernation

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