कुत्ते कब तक रहते हैं?
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कुत्ते कब तक रहते हैं?

कुत्ते कब तक रहते हैं?


Among the varieties of dogs that may well live for a period of 16 to 20 years, experts distinguish the following:

  • एक छोटा शिकारी कुत्ता;
  • toy poodle;
  • चिहुआहुआ
  • मूल्यांकन करें;
  • Jack Russell Terrier;
  • lhasa apso;
  • शिह त्ज़ू
  • Scottish collie;
  • Australian Shepherd;
  • कर्कश
  • pomeranian spitz.

Most often long-livers among dogs are mixed breeds. Such pets do not often suffer from hereditary diseases, unlike their purebred relatives.

Breeds that are known for the lowest life expectancy (up to 10 years):

  • English mastiff;
  • बर्नसे पहाड़ी कुत्ता;
  • Dogue de Bordeaux;
  • Irish Wolfhound;
  • Canary dog;
  • न्यूफ़ाउंडलैंड;
  • japanese mastiff.

नजरबंदी की शर्तें

Moderate physical activity, regular exercise and outdoor walks are essential for a healthy development of a dog, which means they prolong its lifespan. The safety of a pet also often depends on the competence of the owner, and training the animal will help to avoid accidents.


Regular visits to the veterinarian (at least twice a year) and vaccination prevent many serious diseases or allow them to be detected at an early stage. Proper “basic” hygiene also improves your pet’s overall well-being and reduces the risk of disease.


Properly formulated diet not only has a beneficial effect on digestion, but also allows you to increase the life expectancy of the dog. A proper combination of fats, proteins and carbohydrates is simply necessary for good health and proper muscle development. Veterinarians recommend using industrial feeds that contain the perfect balance of all the necessary substances.

वंशानुगत कारक

If the acquisition of a dog is only in the plans, then it is better to choose an animal in advance from trusted breeders and clarify the diseases of the parents. Many diseases are inherited or breed-specific, which naturally shorten a dog’s lifespan.

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