ग्रैंड एंग्लो-फ़्रैंकैस ब्लैंक एट नोइरो
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ग्रैंड एंग्लो-फ़्रैंकैस ब्लैंक एट नोइरो

Characteristics of Grand Anglo-Français Blanc et Noir

उद्गम देशफ्रांस
विकास62–72 से.मी.
वजन25.5-36.5 किलो
आयु१ 10-२ ९ साल का
एफसीआई नस्ल समूहहाउंड्स और संबंधित नस्लें
Grand Anglo-Français Blanc et Noir Characteristics

संक्षिप्त जानकारी

  • Powerful, strong;
  • They quickly become attached to a person;
  • अच्छी तरह से प्रशिक्षित।


In the 19th century, throughout Europe, hunting was an art, a sport for the elite, a fashion, the legislators of which were France and England. This period is considered golden for the development of hound breeds – selection was carried out at a staggering pace! Among the species that appeared at that time, the Anglo-French hounds were the result of crossing English and French dogs. The Great Anglo-French White and Black Hound is no exception, descended from the Saintonjoie, one of the finest French hounds at the time, and the English Foxhound.

Unfortunately, today there are not so many representatives of this breed in the world, no more than 2-3 thousand. However, French breeders are carefully working on the quality and increase in its numbers.

The Great Anglo-French White and Black Hound has an accommodating temperament and impressive hunting skills. This is a born fighter, passionate, strong and uncompromising.


Even puppies of this breed show their own character. Therefore, breeders begin training wards when they are 3-4 months old. First, training takes place in a playful way, and then quite seriously.

At the same time, it is not easy to train a hound – a beginner is unlikely to cope with her character. So the help of a dog handler will be needed.

The Great Anglo-French White and Black Hound is not aggressive, peaceful, although it can hardly be called sociable. Representatives of the breed are rather cool towards strangers and do not seek rapprochement. However, it all depends on the individual dog.

Like many hounds, representatives of this breed are unlikely to be good guards. Aggression – one of the key features of a good watchman – is considered a vice of this breed.

Hounds are pack animals. Therefore, it is easy for them to find a common language with relatives. Moreover, in a house where such a pet is kept, it is desirable to have at least one more dog.

The Greater Anglo-French White and Black Hound does not have a babysitting reputation, but does well with school-age children. It’s all about her upbringing.

Grand Anglo-Français Blanc et Noir Care

The Greater Anglo-French White and Black Hound has a short coat that does not require much grooming. Wipe the dog every week with a damp hand or towel to remove loose hairs. During the molting period, the procedure is carried out a little more often, usually two combings are enough.

नजरबंदी की शर्तें

Representatives of the breed do not tolerate keeping in a small apartment. Large hounds need space and intense physical activity, a long exhausting run. So it is difficult to imagine a large Anglo-French white-and-black hound as an ordinary companion, it is still a hunter.

Grand Anglo-Français Blanc et Noir – Video

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