Dog chipping – all information with prices
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Dog chipping – all information with prices

What is a chip

Dog chipping - all information with prices

Animal Chip Schematic

A chip, or transponder, is a microscopic device that contains digital information in the form of a code. The microcircuit is inside a bioglass capsule. The standard size is 12 mm long and 2 mm in diameter. But there is also a mini version: 8 mm in length and 1,4 mm in diameter. Small capsules are used for chipping small dogs, as well as cats, rodents, reptiles and other small animals. In terms of characteristics, shortened chips practically do not differ from standard ones. They have a shorter reading range, so it makes little sense to put them on a dog – such devices were created for small animals that cannot be implanted with a full-size transponder.

The main elements of the chip:

  • रिसीवर;
  • ट्रांसमीटर;
  • antenna;
  • याद।

The chips are sold already programmed, the manufacturer has a 15-digit code stored in the memory. The first 3 digits are the country code, the next 4 are the manufacturer, the remaining 8 are a unique number assigned to a particular animal. The device is read-only; it is not possible to change the digital information.

All codes are entered into the database along with information about the animals to which they belong. The breed, dog name, state of health, vaccinations, name, phone number and address of the owner are indicated. All instruments are standardized according to ISO and FDX-B. The unified technical regulation makes it possible to obtain data about a dog in any country in the world with a scanner. There is no common global database yet – information can be entered into any database that a veterinary clinic works with. But then there are several large search sites that are linked to various databases from around the world. In Russia, the most popular and convenient is “ANIMAL-ID”, containing almost 300 thousand entries.

The capsule with the chip is sterile and is sold sealed inside a special syringe. The transponder is in a liquid that facilitates insertion and engraftment. The capsule material is biologically compatible with animal tissues and does not cause rejection.

Dog chipping - all information with prices


How is chipping done?

Dog chipping is done in a veterinary clinic. There are many instructions on the Internet for self-conducting the procedure, the chips are also freely available. But microchipping on your own is still not recommended unless you are a veterinarian. The procedure requires precision, hygiene, the correct choice of the injection site.

If you still decide to install the chip yourself, then purchase it only from reliable companies that are ready to provide documentation. You should definitely not take such a device on Chinese trading floors. Also keep in mind that most databases work only with veterinary clinics, but there are some that allow owners to register. The implantation of the chip itself does not make sense if you have not entered the code and information into the system.

The procedure for chipping dogs consists of several steps.

Chipping a dog

  1. The doctor scans the chip to check it. The information on the scanner must match the label on the package.
  2. The injection site is disinfected.
  3. According to international standards, microchipping is carried out in the withers area. The doctor finds the middle of the line between the shoulder blades, lifts the skin and inserts the syringe at an angle of 30 degrees.
  4. The insertion site of the chip is re-disinfected.
  5. The chip is scanned again to check its operation.
  6. A barcode from the syringe package is pasted into the passport of the animal.

After chipping, the dog should not be combed and bathed for 2-4 days. It is also necessary to prevent animals from licking the injection site. If the pet still tries to do this, buy a special plastic collar.

The implanted chip cannot be removed or changed. All information provided is legal. An identification card issued to the owner is a kind of certificate proving his right to the dog. There is no need to do any repeated manipulations with the chip – the procedure is one-time, and the information is permanently entered into the database.

Dog chipping - all information with prices

After the chipping procedure, it is recommended to buy a protective collar to prevent licking the injection site

तैयारी और मतभेद

Adult dogs and puppies older than 2-3 months can be microchipped. There is no need for special preparation, the requirements are similar to those for vaccination. The animal must be healthy, have all the necessary vaccinations for age, be treated for parasites. It is necessary to wash the dog so that the skin is clean, but this should not be done on the eve of the procedure – it is better 2-3 days before it.

The chip does not affect the health of the animal, it can be administered even to elderly and pregnant dogs. The only contraindication is the presence of chronic skin diseases or skin infections. The procedure is performed on dogs of any breed, both short-haired and long-haired. It is not necessary to shave the hair before the injection.

What you need to know about chipping

There are a number of points that a dog owner should pay attention to when chipping.

  • The chip must comply with ISO 11784 and 11785, otherwise it will not work to take the animal abroad.
  • It is necessary to find out in which database the data will be entered. It needs to be one of the all-Russian or international systems. If the information is entered into a local database, for example, a nursery, then it will be impossible to read it anywhere outside it.
  • It is necessary to check the correctness of all data that is entered into the system. First, carefully reread the completed questionnaire. Secondly, check the data in a single database, whether they were entered correctly by the doctor.
  • It is advisable to register in the database used by the clinic as the owner. Then editing information about the dog will become available. For example, a change of address or phone number of the owner.

The procedure for chipping dogs is virtually painless when performed correctly. The animal simply does not have time to feel the pain, the skin is pierced so quickly and the chip is implanted. But this is true only if the chipping is carried out by a qualified specialist. There are times when an inexperienced doctor fails to install the capsule, especially if the dog has long hair.

Dog chipping - all information with prices

Microchip scanning

For some time, the chip moves under the skin, within 1-2 cm. This is considered normal. After 2-3 days, the capsule will become overgrown with tissue and become immobile. It does not have any negative effect on the health of the dog.

When buying an already chipped dog, you need to find out from the first owner in which database the chip data is entered, and it is also advisable to get a paper passport. Some databases give owners the opportunity to correct all the information themselves, but there are no uniform rules. In order not to face problems in identifying the dog in the future, it is necessary to replace the data of the previous owner with your own.

There is a misconception that a dog can be tracked by an implanted chip. This is not at all the case – it is not a GPS tracker and does not produce any radiation. To find out information about the dog, you need to bring the scanner at a sufficient distance to the injection site. If the dog is lost, the chip will help to find it, but only indirectly. The owner can only hope that the lost animal will be taken to a clinic where there is a scanner and access to the database. Based on the information received, the employee will be able to contact the owner and report the find.

Do I need a chip if there is a stigma: the advantages of chipping

All professional breeders in Russia brand puppies before sale. The brand is an alphanumeric image, where the letters identify the kennel, and the numbers indicate the number of the puppy. The stigma allows you to find out in which nursery the puppy was born, which confirms its breed. But it does not define ownership of the owner. It also has other disadvantages:


  • the procedure is painful, the risk of infection and local inflammation is high;
  • over time, the pattern fades;
  • The label can be forged and changed.

Unlike the brand, the chip cannot be faked, the individual number cannot be changed. An identification card is a kind of certificate of ownership of a dog. This is most relevant for expensive thoroughbred animals. The chip protects against substitution of the dog in the kennel or at the exhibition.

Until 2012, the stigma was still used in the EU along with the chip, but now a dog will not be allowed into any of the EU countries without a chip. If you are going to travel with a pet in Europe, then the installation of a chip is inevitable.

Chipping dogs is not yet mandatory in Russia, the decision is made at the request of the owner. The cost of the procedure varies depending on the region within 1000-2000 rubles. The price is quite affordable, and no additional costs are required. The main thing that the owner gets after chipping is a high chance of finding his pet if he gets lost, as well as the opportunity to travel with him abroad.

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