When and how to vaccinate?

When and how to vaccinate?

When and how to vaccinate?

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If you have purchased a puppy whose parents were definitely vaccinated on time, your new friend will need to get his first vaccination closer to three months. According to the instructions for vaccines, the timing of immunization of puppies is 8-12 weeks.

If there is no reliable information about the health of the puppy’s parents, then the veterinarian may recommend postponing the first vaccination to a later date, since at first it will be necessary to quarantine for 14 days.

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In this case, the veterinarian must make sure that the dog is in good health before performing the vaccination.

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Vaccination of a puppy takes place in several stages. A total of 4 vaccinations must be given before reaching one year of age ‚Äď three general (at 8, 12 and 16 weeks) and one against rabies (it is given at the same time as the second or third general vaccination). After that, re-vaccination is done once a year ‚Äď also one general vaccination and one against rabies.


For older dogs, veterinarians adjust the time of vaccine administration, this may be due to contraindications for health reasons. However, here everything is individual. If everything is in order and the dog is full of energy and cheerful, there is no reason not to vaccinate.

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