Minipigs: conditions of detention and what determines the price of a domestic pig

Minipigs: conditions of detention and what determines the price of a domestic pig

Stepping out into the street, you will certainly find yourself in the center of attention. Passers-by will look after you in surprise, and the children will begin to shout enthusiastically. Why? And all because you have the cutest pig in the world on a leash!

In the modern world, all people are busy looking for something new and exotic. And the little pig running alongside and wagging its tail is, probably, very unusual! But no. Minipigs have long gained wide popularity in Europe. And this unusual pet has already firmly established itself in Russia. But still, small pigs remain the most “fashionable” pets.

But, if you think about it, there is nothing surprising in the popularity of pigs. This is very smart and clean animals. In addition, they are completely unpretentious in the choice of food. The Germans were among the first to notice this. In the middle of the last century, research and work began in Germany in order to breed a small breed of pigs. The progenitors of minipigs were wild boars and Vietnamese bellied pigs, which by nature were not very large.

The Germans were breeding minipigs solely for fun. In Russia, breeders were engaged in the same business for practical purposes. An ordinary pig is an animal that is quite aggressive and grows for a very long time. Therefore, scientists needed calmer and faster-growing individuals for laboratory research. The whole process of breeding minipigs took more than 30 years. Ultimately received several breeds of small pigswho have become many people’s best friends. Today, such a domestic animal is no longer a luxury and it is brought up even in ordinary apartments.

Why minipig?

Why is he better than many cats and dogs beloved by many?

The main advantage of a small pig is its developed intellect. Scientists, in terms of intelligence, compare pigs with monkeys. It’s hard to believe, but a pig learns commands faster than any dog. The main thing when training is not to forget about the delicacy. Noticing something tasty in your hands, the baby will execute any simple command.

Many people are unable to get a pet due to an allergy to wool. And so I want to have a faithful four-legged friend next to me! Minipigs do not have hair, which means that the owner will never have an allergy.

Contrary to world stereotypes, pigs are very clean. Even village and farm pigs always go to the toilet in one place. And even more so, it will not be difficult to potty train a pygmy pig. They will never mark an apartment and defecate where they have to. Already a significant advantage over cats and dogs, right?

Another plus for especially whimsical and squeamish people is that minipigs do not smell of anything. No matter how you take care of a dog or cat, the smell from them still remains. Pigs don’t have this problem. Only urine in males has a smell, but after castration it will disappear.

Minipigs get along well with other animals. Furthermore, these animals are very sociable and it will be much more pleasant and more fun for them to live in a company. Otherwise, leaving your baby alone for a long time, you risk finding a terrible mess in your apartment. But, even if your pet misbehaves, you will not be able to punish him severely. These kids have a truly magical charm! He will look at you with guilty eyes and trustfully bury his snout in his palm. Well, how can you argue?

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How much is a little happiness worth?

The price depends solely on the size of the individual. The smallest pigs will cost more. The cheapest option will cost you about 25 thousand rubles. But such a pet will not be very small. Micro-pigs cost over 70 thousand rubles.

It is better to acquire such an exotic pet in specialized nurseries. When buying a pig in some market, you run the risk of becoming the owner of a huge pig in a couple of months. But whatever the price, the life of such a creature will become priceless for you!

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How to ensure a comfortable existence for a new family member?

The ideal option would be to allocate a personal room to the minipige so that he can feel free, play pranks and frolic there. And you could sleep peacefully at night without worrying about valuable things in your house.

In the room, provide him with a “play area”:

  • various toys;
  • muovipulloja;
  • lumput.

Take care of a comfortable place for him to sleep, get a mattress or a bed. The choice of a place for the toilet is best left to the animal. He easily find the desired attractive angle, and you just have to put the tray there. It is better to fill the pot with sawdust or paper, but in no case with cat litter.

Secure your apartment. An animal in the house is like a small child. Stinging and cutting objects must be securely hidden. Also worth removing:

  • wires;
  • tuulettimet;
  • oil coolers, etc.

If you have laminate or parquet on the floor, lay carpets so that your minipig does not slip while running. Keep in mind that smart pigs quickly figure out where all the food is stored. They are can open refrigerator and cupboards and eat whatever they can get their hands on. Therefore, put locks on the doors or close the door to the kitchen.

Remember that minipigs are very active and inquisitive. They are kind, loving and devoted. Love your pet, take care of it, feed it deliciously! And he will surely reciprocate to your love and will give you many unforgettable memories and smiles.

Мини-пиги как домашние животные

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