Hundikoerad: koeratõud, kes näevad välja nagu hundid
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Hundikoerad: koeratõud, kes näevad välja nagu hundid

Hundikoerad: koeratõud, kes näevad välja nagu hundid

There are very few such breeds, some of them are recognized by the International Cynological Federation, and some - no. Let’s start with those that are recognized, there are only two of them:

  1. Saarloosi hundikoer

    Dutch sailor Lander Sarlos crossed his beloved German Shepherd with a she-wolf. As a result, after many experiments, a dog breed was obtained that combines endurance, strong immunity, the appearance of a wolf and devotion, obedience, and the mind of a shepherd dog. This brave dog is recruited to take part in rescue operations.

    A dog of this breed must be trained and socialized from childhood, then it will become an excellent companion, because, unlike wolves, it is very attached to people.

  2. Tšehhoslovakkia hundikoer

    These dogs were bred for use in military and search operations, as well as on guard duty. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was created by crossing the Carpathian wolves with the German Shepherd.

    This breed needs a firm hand from the owner to properly raise it, otherwise you can get an uncontrollably aggressive pet. At the same time, the wolfdog is very smart and easily learns commands, he loves his family and easily gets along with other pets.

Hundikoerad: koeratõud, kes näevad välja nagu hundid

Sarlos Wolfdog and Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

But the breeds that have not yet received official recognition.

  1. Kunming Wolf Dog

    It is actually the Chinese version of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. And although it is not accepted all over the world, in China it is actively used in the service. It differs from other wolf dogs in its greater similarity with the German Shepherd.

  2. Italian Wolfdog

    In Italy, this breed is protected by the state. Its other name - stupid Italian. These dogs are used in search operations, they help to find people under the rubble from earthquakes or after an avalanche.

  3. northern inuit dog

    This unrecognized breed became famous thanks to the “Game of Thrones” - it was these dogs who played the direwolves. There are several versions of what breeds these dogs came from. These are smart and friendly pets that need proper upbringing.

  4. Sulimov’s dog

    The Russian Cynological Federation (RKF) has officially recognized this breed. It was obtained by crossing the Nenets Laika with the Central Asian jackal. This breed is actively used as service dogs, for example, at Sheremetyevo Airport.

Dogs from left to right: northern Inuit dog, Sulimov dog, Kunming wolf dog

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