Märg või kuiv kassitoit: kumb on parem?

Märg või kuiv kassitoit: kumb on parem?

When a cat comes into the house, it can be difficult to choose between wet and dry food. Ultimately, both types of food are excellent sources of a variety of nutrients, and some cat owners choose to feed their pets with both. Each type of food has its own benefits, so here’s what you need to know to choose the best food for your cat.

Benefits of wet cat food

The wet cat food that furry pets love is already packaged in servings. There are many delicious flavors and textures to add to your cat’s menu. Cats that have problems with their teeth or chewing their food find it easier to eat wet food.

Wet food also serves as an additional source of water for cats to help stay hydrated. However, even cats eating wet food should always have access to clean drinking water. Increasing water intake is often recommended for cats that have been diagnosed with a health problem, such as kidney or urinary problems. For these cats, veterinary canned diets may be recommended because they offer a number of benefits, such as controlled mineral levels, which are beneficial for these problems.

Benefits of dry cat food

Dry cat food is available in conveniently sized pouches that retain all of the nutritional benefits of the food for the expiration date printed on the package when stored in a cool, dry place. As a rule, dry food is cheaper than wet food, and may be a more economical option for your budget. 

Some cats are fine with dry food: you leave out a bowl of food so that the pet can snack at will during the day. Other cats pounce on food and should only be fed controlled portions. Luckily, you can easily use a measuring cup to check the size of each serving for gluttonous or overweight cats. The pellets can also be used in feeding puzzle toys to keep your four-legged friend active and happy.

Combined or mixed meals

A combined or mixed diet regimen may be the best solution. With mixed feeding, you can feed your cat, for example, dry food in the morning and wet food in the evening. This way cats can eat dry food during the day if they want to, and you can get rid of dry wet food before you go to bed.

Another nutritional option is mixing dry cat food with wet food, which also increases the fluid content of each meal. If you choose this option, any uneaten formula should be discarded within a few hours. But even with this diet, it is important to control portions so that your cat gets the right amount of nutrients to maintain a healthy weight.

Regardless of which type of cat food you choose, it’s not easy to pick one over the other in the debate between wet and dry food. Each cat is unique, each has its own tastes and needs. Check with your veterinarian if you have any questions about wet or dry cat food. And when choosing food with a particular taste, trust the preferences of your little pet.

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